Further Descent into Madness

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For glory upon the battlefield I stand. I had been stuck with the whole oneitis thing on and off from November to February. Well that is gone now and I am diving further in. After figuring things out with my newfoundland princess, I have gotten back into the game. Unfortunately I have also been drinking alot more. As of this past Sunday I am getting back into the saddle full out. This means no booze, no junk food and back to my 5 a week workouts. I have had alot of headaches and been feeling extra tired lately and all the crap I have been putting in my is definetly to blame.

Anyway, a quick wrapup of the past month of events. I have been crazily busy with classes preparing to graduate, but I have been heading out once a week. Ironically enough I have been leaving the city to go party at Acadia. In the three weekends that I have gone, I have ended up with a couple phone numbers (meeting girls from out west, which is nice cause I am moving back in May) and woke up with a girl in my bed the other two times. I have learned that my bike is a little rusty right now, but I can easily get on the trails again.

In the time that my princess and I were tryin to figure shit out, I didn’t get any for a few weeks, well one was free BJ week which she delivered. Since the day I told her that I am not gonna be exclusive with her and that I found a new one lets call her HBplaying. The first time we hung out, she stopped me on the whole I just broke up with my boyfriend of three years last week. I rolled over and went to sleep. The following time we hung out, the day3 I guess we can call it, I went for the gusto. After some token resistance I found to love what she was doing to me. When I want something I revert back about 5000 years, total caveman. I pin her down, throw her, flip her anything that works for me, I try to think as little as I can. Since then we have hung out maybe 2 or 3 other times despite her consistent requests to hang out more. I think this one is a great one to have as a FB. She already knows about my leaving for Calgary in May and has accepted the fact that I am fucking other girls. Thats the little update on ladies.

I am gonna start expanding my blog to more then just the most beautiful gift to men… Women. Since January I have been following the best workouts ever. I have discovered Crossfit. After paying for a month, I have learned the exercises and now doing it on my own. Check it: www.crossfit.com and www.crossfithfx.com These workouts are tits. It is much more practical then just lifting weights as everything is high reps, mid weight, and unplanned rests. Kicks the ass out of any workout I have ever done. This kinda stuff is similar to the 300 workout and such. However, the 300 workout I can eat for a snack. The last time I did it, it took only 14 minutes versus a year ago which was 29 and I threw up. So I will tracking my crazy progress for this crossfit. As well just funny shit that happens ion a regular basis.
Todays workout for me: The Murph

Run 1 Mile

100 pullups

200 Pushups

300 Squats

Run 1 Mile

I will post the time it takes when I am done. I seriously encourage everyone to try this. I will be trying my best to update blog more often now.

I ran a 5:30 mile to start. That kicked my ass for everything else. My final time for the Murph was 47:20. My last mile was brutal at almost 9 minutes. This is a good bench mark to start though.


Rockin Birthday

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So it has been what seems like an eternity since I last posted. I am in my final year of university and buckling down to get my degree. Since I last took the opportunity to post things have been relatively slow. I have been exclusively dating a newf for 2 months now. Never thought I would only stick with one girl. But as all things do, I may be getting bored, and i think she might be as well. So two things are coming out of that. I have never chilled with a girl for much over a month other then Daddy’s Girl. I need to keep things fresh and not get attached. Getting attached is the biggest detriment to your game. I have really noticed that. As I have begun to remove my level of attachement from said newfie, her desire to be with me increases. Go figure. Other then this dame, I have been workin on two others. One has an incredible smile, and the other was from past summer and she didn’t dig me cuz of my player ways.

Last night was my birthday, well today is but last night we had a party. For the past month this has been the word around campus. Moustache and cleavage. I have been reppin the stache for over a month now, quite a long round of that month it was exceptionally dirty. However, I love it, I think its hilarious and everyone knows it. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt my game at all. I may throw a pic or two up from the party, it was glorious. Being my birthday and all, equated to a disaster of a gong show that only gods words can help you understand.

At the party we had prizes for best stache, best cleavage etc. It was all fun shenanigans. At the party my newfie girl was there but I honestly was so busy doing things I never got to say much more then hey whats up to her. We headed downtown around midnight. I joined my roomie and two of her friends (sisters) in the cab on the way there. Drunken fun accompanied by scandelous pictures.

Once at the bar we do some tequilla shots. Of course I make it more interesting, salt on neckline and lemon between your teeth. The moustache was quite the attention grabber. I ran into so many people and had little shit chats going on, although the level of drunken ness defnetly inhbited my social skills. I am pretty hungover right now, but long story short. I made out with both of the sisters before the night was over and then things went blank. I woke up on my couch asking, is this real life.

What are you thinking?

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So two weeks ago I talked about my thoughts on having a girlfriend. I have been giving it a chance… per say. Its hard… but not in the way that you would expect. Depending on who you are though. What do I find hard?

1. Commiting to only 1 girl — for 8 months I have been dating multiple girls at a time… its nearly impossible for me to only hang out with one girl for purpose of dating or sleeping with.

2.  Figuring shit out — for a while i couldn’t decide which one i wanted… a girl i put in the friend box is seeming all to perfect.

3. Instinct — its still telling me to fuck as many hunnies as i can

So this american girl was one i decided I would give dating a shot with. Well what has happened partially? I have become a little chodish. How so? I fuckin watched a disney movie with her and some friends. My redeeming factor, i pick her up and slam her to the wall into makeout. She keeps on trying to be the one making decisions about shit, a few times i submitted. But I have caught myself and been dominant.

I am challenging myself to see if I can stick to one girl. But I am failing miserably and there is nothing more that I want to do then go out and meet more girls. I have introduced a new girl into my rotation in 2 weeks and I am like a vampire running out of fresh blood. I have no money and am insanely busy with school. No excuse *slap*  I am so torn as to get a girlfriend and make things comfortable or just sleep around with many girlfriend.

Thought of the Day: Girlfriends

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I have really been digging the power rock ballads… journey, air supply, boston… you got it. So here is some beats:

I have taken some time off from seroius/ long term relationships. Loving the life where every night is an adventure. Things are awesome, no complaints thats for sure. I ended my last one the past November, under circumstances of her lying to me and just not loving her anymore. Yes I said love, fuckin balls nailed to the wall love. Since that period I have come into my shell, I am myself now and couldn’t enjoy anything more then being the man.

I have gained epic amounts of life experience over the year. From initial interaction to lights off, I have improved drastically. It feels great.
All that said, I am considering getting involved in an exclusive relationship. I have done my best to avoid even going that direction. Whether it be ending things with girls when they start asking for it, or just establishing a fuck buddy relationship. This is going to be a new challenge for me. Since  April I have been seeing no less then 3 girls at a time and at peak I had 8 going. My time is always budgeted around my priorities which are presently:

School: I am graduating this coming spring, a bachelor of science in human dietetics. Big stuff for me, I am applying for an internship. Internship is competitive and frankly I need to pull my marks up.

Gym: Along with my interest in nutrition, the gym is big part of my life. I workout 8 hours per week and also train and teach bootcamps.

Friends: A fun life is one where you just chill with your buddies, whether it be a night on the town or a few beers and the Vikings on the tube.

These have been my priorities and they will be for the next while. Recently I wrote about the importance of keeping a dayplanner. Between gym, school and friends the majority of my time is taken up. At best I have 5 or 6 consistent hours available for dating and 2 or 3 for gaming. I love the game and I love women.

I am now ready to take a break from the active dating and no strings attached sex life. Give myself a shot at having a girlfriend. When I first started having these thoughts, immediately i thought don’t chode out. But this will be a worthy experience. I have the mentality that, I am an amazing guy, I am as good as they get. Now I don’t say that as a cocky thing but moreso to instill confidence in myself. I don’t go around saying this to people it is just a mindset.

Now as for making the decision on a girl i would like to become exclusive with… I have narrowed it down to three, but an open for auditions. My abundance mentality has fucked with me a bit. I am lacking attachment with women. I can build the relationship but when push comes to shove, I just go out to the bar/mall/park etc. and draw a number.

Hands down I will continue going out. I am still in search of a threesome amongst many other things on my list. I am still meeting new people and the like.  More crazy stories will instill until I commit to a girlfriend.

American Woman…. stay awaaaahay!

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What a treat that I can find myself in front of a computer and able to write tales of my mischief. I honestly love writing these as a cure for my hangover… sittin with a gatorade right beside and the laptop is all i need right now. Well and a trip to eat random greasy artery clogging fantastically awesome food.

Porch climber ( por-cha-kla-ime-er) – a glorious drink of epic proportions. One might say if they bottled jesus and poured him into a cooler this would it (according to brem brem). This concoction of beer, vodka, redbull and concentrated lemonade is fantastic.

The three of us guys drank this and proceeded to get smashed. I am getting ahead of myself here. You are probably wondering about this american woman song and video. Earlier in the day yesterday when at the gym a beautiful american girl walked in. Very very pretty but in fashion i know best… I refuse to talk/ meet people when I am at the gym… its my temple that can’t be tainted by anything other then blood and sweat. I know she wants me and I want her so connecting with her next time our paths cross will be a delightful experience. Little did i know how soon this would happen and the state i would be in.

From one apartment to the next we carry down the cooler. Attending a party that is expected to have a decently sized crown. By the time we get down there is only 4 or 5 there. Boo, its okay we are bringing the party in form of ping pong balls and beercups. After playing a few games of beer pong I realize I am about as talented right now as a 80 yr old man with 2 wooden legs running a marathon. But to my suprise american girl shows up. See i knew things would pan out. I am destroyed right now but honestly thats not stopping me.

We ping back and forth for 10 minutes while pong is goin on. She is lookin hot and what I mean by this is jeans, a tank top and no makeup. Some how it ended up just me and her in the garage, I walked the five feet to her and laid a sexual tension rocket of a kiss on her. I pulled away from the kiss and she jumped right back on me. More resistance from me… it builds more tension. I tell her that its not appropriate here right now. More shit happens then I end up back at her place.

She lives on residence back at the school which is only a 10 minute walk from the party. I have no idea what time it is but when we walk into her residence townhouse there are at least 15 people watching tv in the lounge. Time to parade myself around like a fool and make new friends.  Turns out I am quite the celebrity already 90% of them know of me.  O did I mention this is an all girls residence. We go to the laundry room to get her sheets. In typical fashion i pick her up throw her on the washer and makeout, play with her naughty bits.  Her exact words at this point were… fuck that we don’t need sheets. Fade to black.

So her RA boss lady knocks on the door and says that she will have to give a fine for me being there if I don’t leave right away. Its about 2 am at this point so I get dressed and leave. There is a beautiful pond outside and 4 people sitting there. So I go chill and talk with them rambling about all the shenanigans that occurred back in my day. Then head home. Shortly before I passed out from drunken stupor I remember standing the bathroom taking out my contacts and seeing how scratched up I was from her nails.

Upon wakening this morning much of last night was a blur. But as I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror seeing my battle wounds it all came back to me. We are hanging out again tonight.

Once last note, I promised john I would rep him in my blog. The artery clogging food was the best I have had in a long time. I give credit to this amazing whole in the ground on the darkside. The owner/chef is spectacular… he is an old traditional guy that truly loves what he does. Johns Lunch check it out next time you are in my neck of the woods.

Making an Agenda

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So at the start of this semester I decided to get serious about writing shit in my agenda. Honestly its so much easier to keep track of clients, meetings, classes and assignment. And after missing a date with one girl because I forgot to write it down I started penning in HBblond time. This had kind of demonstrated the importance of keeping your shit together.

Before I start describing whats new I will give some brief details of a txt I recieved from daddysgirl. I have basically ignored her now… but she keeps fighting for attention even after telling her a million times… I am not boyfriend material and that I am not looking for emotional attachment yet.

3am Sunday

Txt from Daddysgirl: I miss you!

O yeah it was a picture text here is the pic.

I definetly picked out that bra. Damn she had a tight body.

On tuesday I met up with HBazn for some dinner and dessert on Tuesday… or so I thought. My day was packed tight with shit to do. And without a doubt 2 minutes after I take the last bite of my tuna casserole I made i get a call explaining how I need to be at a meeting in 20 minutes and i am 25 minutes away. So I had to jump away from her. This is okay though… i kissed her real hot and heavy petted a bit then disappeared leaving her wanting more.

Upon my arrival to my meeting I hit a bit of a culture shock. Something I totally forgot about my program and my university. There were 50+ women and me. Then I checked again and had been with 5 of them. Haha jumping through the ranks.

I have got to teach a fitness bootcamp in the morning, so I am gonna get planning that out and then head to residence to call upon a bed to share.

Bachelor Party Weekend

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I have started classes about 3 weeks ago and my outings have decreased greatly and my time alone in front of a book or computer are at an all time high. I managed to spend some time on Friday at the pub.

I went  to the campus bar where I used to work. My friends and I are known by all the staff and a large portion of the patrons. Tons of social proof, but honestly this doesn’t really matter to me anymore I just like having fun and things happen. I run into the 2 girls from the previous saturday that i spent time making out with. Turns out they are great friends, and wearing lots of green. The theme for the night was Stop light (green means single). I joined in on the celebrations wearing green pants, yellow shirt and red hat. The hat wasn’t planned but I like the Calgary Flames (represent). These girls got bikini tops on and ones tits are huge and falling out. I tell her that and she proceeds to pull it down so I could see it. A buddy of mine has expressed interest in her so I have been backing off. I sit down and talk with her though… sobering her up for my buddy. I have no pockets so i stuff my phone in her breast and tell her to keep it close to her heart. Well stupid me… she loses it. I go on my way and search for it. I later find out a different buddy of mine who is falling over drunk has it so its all good.

Chilling at 1 after the pub closes I headed downtown with HBchristian from like 4 months back. I just wanna have a bit of fun before crashing. After walking into the bar I hear … SUPERMAN! is that you? And turns out its one of my radio girls. I meet her friend then go and dance for a bit. After getting hot and sweaty I am headin on my way out. I stop and say goodbye, during the short convo I find out her BF just broke up with her. I hug and then I head on my way to get Christian. If only I went alone.

Saturday I get up early to head to a city a few hours away for a buddies bachelor party. Its only a short distance from a few hotties i met this summer so i give them a call. After picking up the bachelor we head to our rented cabin and crack the keg. 5 hours of boozing and 2 games of poker later we enter the titty bar. I thought about trying to game a ripper, but i choded. I was pretty drunk but no excuse really. After an hour or two there things are gettin more and more messy we head to another bar. Football game is on… my boys are down (the roughriders) and its the 4th quarter. I can’t drag my eyes away… despite the best looking girls in the bar near me ( not alot to say about them honestly but still opportunity).

I realize my lame actions in my drunken stuppor as we enter the final bar of the night. We are walkin in bells and whistles in our green shirts that say single and sexy… game on. I get my firstfull of beers and walk around. I talk to a ton of people… but notice how much i slur… i tell them its all in good fun and meet more people.  I meet this one chick… all i can see is fantastic boobies and sweet sweet candy ass. MMMM is all i can say to myself. I open and talk. Ugh all these beer are catching up… i grab her hand and drag her somewhere… I don’t know where. I tell her i am peeing and I will get lost in this huge bar without her. She takes me to the bathroom. Bouncer stops me from bringin her in. Haha nice try i guess. I take a glory urination break then grab her on my way out. As the bar closes I am trying to pull her and 3 friends back to our cabin. No go… a keg and a cabin don’t float. Its 30 min away and I am too drunk to push. I fall victim to going to her place… i stuggled (haha right).

This is actually kinda funny when we are here. I was still smashed but remember it pretty good. Me some dude and my girl and another head to her apartment. I go right to bedroom throw her on the bed and makeout. We turn around and the dude and chick are just standing in the doorway like wtf. Well the girls go in the hallway leavin me and dude in the room. We talked, laughed about random shit and how the girls were figuring the dynamics. My girl… lets call her HBbody … i will explain this later. HBbody doesn’t wanna be mean to her bestfriend who is newly single so she gives up the bedroom. Alright cool living room works for me. As i walk into living room i trip and slam onto the floor. Lol there are 2 more people there sleeping. After what seemed to be forever of i don’t know what… we are in her bedroom alone… glory times. Ugh being drunk is hilarious.

So HBbody…. well her breasts were amazing… so firm… almost to good to be true. I have never experience fake ones but my best guess is thats what these were. She had a killer stomach and nice ass. So all and all a killer body. Although I can’t say the same about her face. I learned this when I woke up in the morning. I was pretty dissapointed with myself. Now it wasn’t like throw up ugly face. Now here is how I figure the math works.

Body (10) + face (5) = 15/2 + 2 (for being french) now this is where it gets complicated. For no reason whatsoever you add 6 carry the 2 and multiply by .8. I suck at math and numbers don’t matter… i would still do it again. The entire drive home i took alot of flack from the boys… they never her saw her the night before. But I held my cab meeting them with her in so they could all get a look.

O yeah… did I mention she is french. Haha I love french chicks. Although I don’t really understand what they moan. O well