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The great Daddysgirl explosion of July 2008

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O daddysgirl how I have enjoyed your times. For the past month maybe even 2 she has been a recipient of my affection. Although, I had slightly moved towards a dating frame with her and even considered being exclusive I never took this step and she knew of my player status. In the past month we have had 3 or 4 significant events that i would title as “ridiculous drama” as in shit that i don’t really care about but is an arguement at the least. One huge chode moment on my behalf, when I saw her chillin with another dude. That shit blew by like a fart in the wind and I present to you. The explosion.

~~~~~~~~~~Cloudy cutscene with trippy music~~~~~~~~~~~

HBdaddysgirl had her birthday this past saturday. I made plans for her in the early afternoon. My schedule is always busy and that was the only time for her. She cancelled to be with her mom, fair enough. I worked the evening shift and then was out with my chariot of destiny. I can’t remember what happened that night while out, mostly irrelevant stuff other then a few makeouts and numbers. O haha cougar makeout. Anyway back to my story.
I also worked Sunday morning, but got off early and called her for a beach trip for a few hours. Fun times, but she wanted to makeout on beach. I am a pretty chill guy but I am not big on public displays of affection. I mean a random quick makeout is one thing or a quick kiss, but no tongue down my throat tasting last nights Thai Haddock and roasted sweet potato’s mmm good. We discuss and she jumps on defense but who cares really.

Flash forward to Monday. I went to see Batman with HBscarlett. Best fuckin movie ever. I was in a awesome state after seeing the movie. I get home and she messages me to “talk”. I told her when I first met her that a relationship that is exclusive and/or long term are out of the question. But we had been hanging out for a month and I had moved it to more of a dating type frame, unintentionally. We hadn’t done the pickle in the bun in 2 weeks and i was starting to get frustrated with that situation. That turned over rocks and she flipped out. Now here is a funny part, convo is mostly on msn. I say lets talk about this on phone… no… in person… no.  Lame. She proceeds to create arguments with me when I have enough. I tell her “if this is how its gonna be i am not having it.” She leaves the convo and thats the end of that night.  Now my impression at the end of the night was, cool now i don’t have to worry about her… once less to deal with.

Tuesday, I pulled cart and recieved upwards of 10 texts in a 3 or 4 hour period, all confrontational and asking if I had made the right decision. Blah blah blah. You know the really chodey things that guys always say when the love of their life breaks up with them. That kinda shit. Now coming from a dime I had hoped for more. She stuggled to get the message.

Finally after a conversation today I think she understands. I am not for drama, and thats what she brought about.

I had come very close to going exclusive with her. But each time i would have that thought, we would have an argument. Then I would continue my normal manly details of being detailed by other HB.


O lesbos do you ever blow

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A more creative title would have been great, but this is the scenario from Saturday night. I have been pretty busy thats why I am so far behind with the update. I will actually right another one tomorrow as its my day off work.

I did not pull my glorious chariot of destiny much last week… actually once Saturday. It was a hectic week full of ______(insert lame excuse here). Anyway back to Saturday. Shortly after getting out I bump into HBkoolaid. She is a little innebriated and with too many friends for me to give a ride to, very brief conversation. Within minutes I have struck up and picked up 2 HB and wheel by em. By the next moment I retrieved my cell, I got a text saying I want you tonight. Long story short she got to drunk and needed to go home… another night.

A few minor sets occured before I got blown out huge… and by huge I mean king kong vs the flys around your old bananas blown out. I loved it soo much. In my city this past saturday was gay pride parade and the like. As per every saturday I went to a hottie hotspot. And damn I saw some smokeshows.

Here I go, Hey hows it goin… i’m zee. As I have done thousands of times before. We fluff, then as soon as I go sexual with any of them. I get fuck off or an instant chick makeout. Now, it was a saturday night, and not outside of a gay bar. So naturally, locate, talk and close is how I work. Not the case.

some of the things I heard were:

“your cute but too bad we are after the same thing”

“fuck off can’t you tell I eat pussy”

The best was… a physical turn and point at straight girl thats hot. Haha funny times.

Hey Jude, Don’t Be Afraid

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Been a hectic week for me and haven’t gotten to experience much other then sleeping and working. I met some olympians on Tuesday which was pretty awesome.

This post is in relation to some realizations I have made in the last couple days, one with HBdaddysgirl and one while I was serving social lubricant at a wedding. The wedding is more on my mind so that will be what I discuss first.
The wedding yesterday was a couple that I would say are mid-20s, which meant all her friends are definetly prospectives to me. I have never pulled or even number closed a chick from a wedding. I have a sticking point and I just can’t get through it. I have trouble figuring out which ones are already in relationships and stuff, which technically shouldn’t matter. Small talk is not a problem with me but I just can’t get them hooked enough to stay and chat at the bar with me.

Being in a different element has I guess been throwing me off. Last night I got a comment like “So when do you finish high school.” I just rolled with it though, not really being phased with it, and I said I finish in a year. I passed that shit test and she went on to ask what University I am going too. And later what high school did I graduate from. It feels like she had a real fixation on age without actually saying it.

Later in the night, a different one came up and said “Me and my girls were trying to guess how old you are” Naturally again I get her to guess. She says 20-22. I am 21 but I make it more fun, and tell her I turned 43 this past month and winked. She giggled and we chatted for a few minutes and she left the bar.

One more individual stood out to me and we chatted. HBshorty I will call her. When it was busy at the bar earlier in the night I just had to get the crowd going so I didn’t notice her for a few hours. She gave me a hard time about that. I thought to myself its on. Each time she came back to the bar she would stay for a minute or 2 and fluff, using my name alot. A few times when she came up, she was with a dude which appeared to be a husband but it was never clarified if that was the case. I got introduced to the bride by her and HBshorty said I was amazing. At the end of the night she left, alone… well with the bridesmaids. I should have just plowed and gone for broke.

The HBdaddysgirl situation:

Today is now daddysgirl’s 23rd bday. In the past 3 weeks we have had a number of chats about relationship stuff but I am still unsure if I want to commit to a LTR. But my behavior around her is starting to appear that way. The problem is that I am seeing 3 or 4 other girls right now and daddysgirl is definetly the most needy, but also the most attractive. Funny how that shit works.

Now I have always hated the thought I playing girls that think you are their boyfriend when you are really a number of girls boyfriend. But this is exactly what I think is goin on.  In the next week I will be making a decision whether to “buddy up” with her, or tell her that we are looking for different things. The situation beteween us has gotten to the point where we either date or don’t hang out now. I am starting to get the I miss you calls.

Flip the charts and throw some of your own LMR out

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I recieved a few texts from HBscarlett on Saturday. She looks almost identical to scarlett johanson. I say almost though because she has a bit more of a bootie but a little more of a stomach. Still a yes to say the least.

Anyway this chicka I met a few weeks ago and has been my best customer. But Sunday would be the first day2 with her. The first time I spend time alone with her and not on the streets. Although “I kissed a girl and I liked it she tastes of cherry chapstick” is very true with her. Myself and a buddy got her and her friend to kiss for us.

We arranged to meet after I was done my meeting and paying my pimp in the evening. I got her to meet me downtown and I had nothing planned. A few of the boys invited me for beer and wings so I invited my precious and her friend to join. The 5 of us vibed then after myself and the 2 ladies returned to their place before heading to a whipped cream bikini party. While chillin at her place I made myself comfortable by sprawling on the couch and talking about sex. I don’t care about anything so most my stories are wide open if they are asked. HBscarlett had her hand up my shorts with her friend chattin to us while sittin up the other couch.

I convinced her friend to go chill with another dude. Leaving me and HBscarlett to continue escalation. After dropping friend off we were only a few blocks from my place. As I pulled up my drive I told HBscarlett that she is coming to my place. Her only resistance was that she didn’t wanna look “slutty” coming into my place with my roommates seeing her come in. Simply put they were in bed so i just took her hand walked in straight to my room. She tried to sit on my desk chair but to much shit was on it (unintentionally of course) so she made my bed and sat on it. While fluffing earlier we talked about movies. And how I love Tarantino and Scorsese movies. She looks through those and picks The Untouchables. Hmm… the first clue you are about to get it on. Out of 40 + dvds she choses a manly mafia movie.

30 seconds into the movie. I pounce, caveman stylez. She says what took ya so long. Haha go figure. After 3 minutes she is dripping, after 4 minutes she is begging. After 5 minutes I am pushing her off me, saying maybe we shouldn’t. This is something new I thought I would try. I mean you know you are getting it wet either way so trying flipping the tables. I said things like, we just met, the stuff we hear once and a while. Well within 7 minutes we were both lying in bed naked. I am not great at presenting LMR but hey I held off for 5 minutes.

I was soo tired that I literally rolled over and went to sleep. Every 2 or 3 hours she would wake me up to go again and again and again. A few of the times I would ignore and continue my sleep. I had a long week last week most nights only getting 2-5 hours. I had trouble getting her to leave in the morning. But after telling her my days schedule she took the hint.

After dropping her off I called up HBkoolaid to hang out and fired texts off to a few others. I am really enjoying having abundance. And now that I have gotten my head in check and ego straightened things are running smoothly again.

Note Taking Time

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In this past week I have been very busy entertaining but also denying some of my precious. HBcowtown left this morning and we had alot of conversations that in which I learned more about how a female brain works. And thats where notes come into play.

-Young girls are soo naive. HBcowtown is 19 and from what I saw with her out partying downtown she doesn’t realize whats really happening. She met a mutual aquaintance of mine who is a complete natural. He is also a little skeezy. She fell in love with him instantly, bowing at his every command. Now HBcowtown being young and naive didn’t catch onto any of this, while HBdaddysgirl who met him at the exact same time saw right through him. She didn’t like him at all. He is a pushy guy but there is lots to learn from him which is another portion of my notes.

– 18 year olds can be very direct. I was selling some product at a concert the other day, so I was going up to everyone trying to push it. Never tie your shows again. Its actually a pretty awesome product and your laces never come untied. I wear em on my shoes for the gym. Anyway the attention and humour i brought about to help sell this product also yielded ungodly results with everyone. I generally avoid girls that are not of university age yet so I never attempted to get anywhere other then selling. They would directly ask for numbers, a kiss, etc. One actually offered me a favour in an outhouse… how romantic.

– Girls talk… alot. Good or bad if you have lady friends together odds are part of the conversation will revolve around you. Especially if they are both interested. HBcowtown and HBdaddysgirl hung out together and then cowtown relayed some of their conversation back to me. From this i learned:

when she asks about girls i meet and stuff and i play it normal and just agree and stuff she doesn’t like it. Either she is jealous or not but apparently it makes her feel awkward.

Once you start hanging out for more then a month they start to search for commitment.

If you aren’t being needy at all sometimes they search for something you want to make you needy.

When chillin with this other guy that is a champion I learned alot.

– There are no rules. My jaw was on the ground watching and hearing some of the things from him. He would walk in front of 10 girls stretch out his arms and say stop. Instantly they would all be at his attention bowing to his every command. No one was off limits. Sexual comments to 16 year olds, mom’s, grandma’s you name it, it was all congruent with his vibe.

– I don’t give a fuck. The two of us approached a 10 and an 11 and had their full attention for 15 minutes. They were bartenders of course. He got the number and told them we would call em later. He pushed to leave, I wanted to stay and continue with em. We ejected. He never called them or anything. I was kinda shocked, and he just said “I will call em some other time we got shit to do”. So we go and find more honeys.

– Make something out of nothing. Wings and beer weren’t just wings and beer. It was a glorious outing to a amazing pub for the best wings in town and the coldest beer. And after that there was no going home. It was a Whipped Cream Bikini party with the ladies. On a night where I would have pulled her back to my place to show her my favorite movie, he suggested whipped cream bikini’s. Gold pure gold.

A few other minor notes and queries:

– a few weeks ago I met a HBkaren. Great interaction and all that shit but only the number. During my outings she has been at a numerous amount of these bars. Of the last 5 i have caught a glance of her at 4. But she almost runs when she sees me. All of these times I have seen her I have been with a different girl, actually one night i ran into her twice with different girls. She works at the mall as well and similarily a different girl. HBkaren has run cold on me. I still get replies to my texts, they are shitty and closing. Stuff like “are you kidding me”. I am gonna plow this one into the ground. I feel like there is still some attraction, but my “playerish” lifestyle seems to be scaring her away.

– I am having trouble keeping up. Its like Mombo #5. HBcowtown gave me a lecture the other day. She said I am cheating on my girls. Maintaining the fact that none of these are exclusive I defended myself. Her logical side was telling me that “You must date only 1 girl and fall for her hard (her thoughts were that daddysgirl and i should become exclusive).” Getting frustrated I plainly told her that it was an oldschool mentality and that I do what makes me happy.

Get your head in Gear

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Wow I have really fallen behind on my posts since HBcowtown arrived. Originally I thought it would be a cool thing but it turns out to be a bit of a pain. I will give ya  a little detail on her. I have been friends with her since back in the day of jr high. Haha actually she was probably one of the first cold approach pickups i ever had. Long before I discovered what it was to actually meet a girl. Anyway we have been friends since. We both had huge long term relationships of death and helped each other through it. She is a naive little blond, that has strong christian influenced values. Great girl and funny but I have never really felt her.
Since HBcowtown has arrived we have been out every night. I think in the last 14 days I have had one night off. A nice little stint.
She knows of about 25% of my exploits, alot of them are to much for her in my opinion. She also knows that I am a bit of a ladies man, although she doesn’t agree she accepts and humours it. I truly trust this girl and thats why thus far she has met three of my sensational lovers. I am gonna break this into two posts, but this one is more of an update and the next will be a bit of a note taking session.
The Do Me (wednesday night)

Wednesday I worked the day shift and then came home to beer and bbq at my place. My roomie for next year brought her best friend over to chill. Wow she was cuter then I remembered. “hey whats up?” after 5 min I isolated her onto my patio for a long chat about the sun and the surf. We all get drunk. Then a friend fires us a ride downtown.  Enter bar at midnight. Noone is there but the 6 of us… hammered. I thought to myself in the car ride there “Man i am f**kin hammered right now, I need to stop drinking so I can talk to ladies.” So I stop drinking. Thats a bad mindset, i think, I shouldn’t have my level of drunkeness affect my desires. It should be instinct see girl, talk to girl, fuck her phone number. Haha I am eliminating my phone number gathering.

Anyway as bar picked up I became lame, no chance I would sober up before the end of the night so I became in a shitty mood. It showed too, my FANTASMIC smile of eternal sunshine didn’t mean shit all if I wasn’t really having fun.

I ran into HBkoolaid and her friends at the bar… and it enlightened me but nothing great. Things are still bomb with her… we are going our for soy ice cream soon. Hahaha.


I decided to pull my chariot on Friday night for a bit of a change. I ran into a number of ladies. Haha actually one I had hooked up with a few weeks ago from a different bar and forgot about. Woops, I didn’t realize the was already one I had played with until I went through the pictures on my phone the next day. Great times none the less.

Straightup and myself met up with a few girlies he has been playin for a little while. They are cute but honestly not my type, but I figured lend a hand when you can or well in this case a body. We took them on a romantic waterfront tour in which we had them making out. I also took the motorboat for a spin with each of them.

This was the first time I have blatantly motorboated a few ladies. It was very comical. After reading Jeffy’s Newsletter this morning I realized it was all because of congruence. Simply put it was part of my frame so it worked great. Hell I got texts from each of them later saying come motorboat me again later.


I hit the golden sands of the beach with 2 buddies, HBcowtown and Daddysgirl. The girls hit off nicely. HBcowtown knows not to talk about her sharing my bed or the other things. It was very good for me to have those two distracted so I could meet some new friends along the beach. A few minor encounters but nothing of significance.

I pulled cart again last night but only for a few hours. Before doing so I had to pick up HBcowtown and a buddy from HBdaddysgirls place where a party was going on. It was supposed to be a small gathering but it ended up getting out of control later, but I will get back to that.

Lately my demeanor towards new woman has been off. I think I am demonstrating to high value, almost a bit of an ego. This I gotta work on. This abundance thing has gotten a bit to my head and I need a kick in the ass to get back in line. I am still getting a few numbers a night but like Ozzie says you can’t fuck a number.

Back to daddysgirl. I get a call at 2:30 am that I miss because I am busy chatting up my precious. Crying and call me right away shenanigans. I knew the party was getting outta hand when I left her place the first time but hell she is a big girl and could deal with it. Apperently a bunch of drunk 19yr olds were being stupid and instead of 15 people there was more like 75 and the house was a mess. Daddysgirls rents were out of town and she was looking after the house with her brother. A few of the lil’uns were insulting her and it really hurt her feelings. Ahh crazy ladies. When I wrote my “notes” I will talk more about how I feel about this and my thoughts on the situation.

Girls thoughts on girls

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On Monday a friend of mine(HBcowntown) arrived visiting from cowtown. We have never really had a thing between us mostly just friends…. from years of chodeliness I can attribute. Anyway she has seen my transformation and knows of many of my exploits and although she doesn’t fully agree with it she is pretty cool about it.
Leading up to this week I have been half fearing and half looking forward to seeing her. The fear… what do I do about all my other affections while she is here and second what will my affections think about this. I had told most of them that she will be crashing at my place for the whole week and that I have to “entertain” her and I am working lots so might not be all that available. Coolbeans.

Upon her arrival last night I had to cancel on Daddysgirl so I could pick her up at the airport. I thought this was bad… it sounded that way. Well I had told HBcowtown about daddysgirls parents owning a restraunt. She got excited and I told her all about daddysgirl. She was cool about it. So today I told daddysgirl more about cowtown and they both wanna meet. That fear taken care of.
Last night when talking to daddysgirl i told her that we would go underwear shopping and eat at mcdonalds. She didn’t believe me, but when we actually did she loved it. Haha more random amusement we picked some underwear for her to wear for me. Haha love the sexual talk and stuff. While at the mall we run into “HBkaren”. Immediately i feel jealousy from both of them… uh oh. Nah they are both receptive, realizing that neither of them is my only girl so watch out.

A big thing I learned was that fear not little one things will workout, and if they don’t who cares

I recieved a call from a fellow chariot master asking me to wing for him tonight. I am a lone wolf running through the midnight winds. None of my buddies have ever had as much interest in gaming as me as a result I go out alone… or at least break away. But I instawing guys all the time so I feel as though I am an asset. I help bring the party but keep him as the focus and brag him up, HBcowtown tags along. The three ladies all love each other. Myself and straighup keep a solid game going but he starts to get drunk and HBeyebrowring is begining to lose interest in him and focus it on me. I just do my shit but start to get the I wanna fuck you vibe. As a wing I would never trample on a buddies territory so I shood her away and back towards him.

Talking to HBcowtown on the way home from the bar, she got things off both of them about their desires. HBeyebrowring is intimidated by Straightup b/c he has so many girls hanging off of him. He is drunk and worried that she doesn’t like him that much. Boring high school shit but anyway… HBcowtown convinced HBeyebrowring to go back home with him.