Wednesday July 9th: Mixing Business and Pleasure

Today was another glorious day. After some planning the night before it was to go down like this… gym, beach work, home to chill. And the plan went almost to par. I thought i would eagle the hole though.

After leaving the gym i fired a text to a few of my ladies, figured at least one would come out to join us. My text reads. ” we are going to the rainbow catch you in a turkey” You read turkey and think wtf. Well it was all a bit of self amusement. I have predictive texting and apparently thats what it predicted so i through it out for kicks. It was much enjoyed by me and probably the recipients. Ms applebottom is my only one with a positive I will see you response. Apparently she was going to mall and would meet after. I told her she had a 1 hour limit or i would spank her.

Anyway the beach. Wow this beach was jailbait central. I felt like well aged single malt scotch amongst Colt45. Anyway i found out a few of my precious were like 15 and 16 so i politely bounced back to my boys. I met a few ladies but nothing spectacular, choded a bit thinkin these dudes were with these girls and i can’t approach em. I did have a great chat with some promo ladies.

Walkin down the beach I saw these three cuties and a dude filling things out for contests. Anyway they came to us long after i had forgotten. The two radio station girls were pretty cute but I really chatted the cell phone girl. They eventually asked for a picture of me and my boys. To which i refused and stated the obvious. ” hey be nice, you ladies are cute and would compliment a picture with us nicely”. Anyway alot of fluff went on and we had them talking for 20 minutes. When HBbeautystone asks me what I am up to later. I let her know of a race night at my job and tell them it would be a great little thing for them to do. We exchange numbers and peace.
Now this is the combination of business and pleasure I was talking about. These girls were cute and hot. And they had realized I was a funny guy, an intriguing guy and awesome. How do I ensure that I am not the same to them as every other guy on the beach. Well promo girls don’t exactly hand out there number. So it was a mutually beneficial deal.

After these ladies left our presence my roomie stated something that i thought was pretty interesting and that was: You know if that were a business deal you would have sold the product and done some solid networking. Well isn’t that what meeting girls is. You sell the product… yourself (attitude, confidence, humour, etc.) , You find out what they can offer, you contact the buyer (exchanging and calling) and the product gets taken out for a try.

I am meeting up with these sweeties tomorrow afternoon so we will see how that goes.

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