Just one more ride Backfires Scared For My Life

I had a weird day today with the whole job thing and such but that isn’t what I am writing about right now. As has been said so many times before just one more. One more approach, one more anything really. Well in my case glorious rickshaw ride. This isn’t related to meeting girls or anything at this point I just wanted a bit more money before i called her a night. Nothing special about this ride, just a dude asking for a 5 block ride to McDonalds… or so I thought.

Dude asks for a ride to the bank so he can pay me then to the McDonalds a few blocks away. Sure straight forward nice way to end my night. Bad fuckin idea. We go to bank he takes out a Wad, easily 500 bucks. Hmm maybe this was the first clue but hey the guy was pretty drunk. He hands me 40 and says are we square for now. Me thinkin hellz ya 40 for a 10 ride why not. That was probably the second clue. He then starts askin me if i know where he can pick “some” up. Now not being into drugs at all I assumed weed and knew we could find someone somewhere along our present course that had some. Weed is no big deal to me its just not my cup of tea. Finally we get to the mcdonalds and the guy starts talkin with a few dudes sittin outside. He tells the guy to get in and we go on our merry way. Man I can’t believe I did this… but I just said to myself its only weed no biggy. As we start to approach our destination I hear “yaba” being tossed around. Fuck if I knew what it was but i could only assume yeyo… powder. Thats what watchin scarface teaches.

Homeslice tosses 100 bucks towards this dude and is sitting there. We wait 10…20minutes and dude doesn’t come back. So dude gets fucked over by the guy he dodges… so homeslice is pissed. We run into some dude missing his front teeth. They talk and homeslice keeps trying to convince this dude that the dude that just came to buy from him stole his money. Holy fuck drama. Now I call this dude homeslice because he was a big fuckin slice of pizza, like when you cut your pizza in half and eat it. The guy probably coulda beat me up if he was pissed, but no way he coulda caught me with or without the rickshaw.

For 10 minutes of walking homeslice is hammering in tryin to convince no teeth to help him out and that he is gonna hafta beat him down if things don’t work out. I am just thinking “FUCK why o why?”. Every 5 min for the last half I say to the dude I need to pack it in soon. FInally I just tell him… I am dropping you off real soon which hotel. He tells me and I pick up pace a bit.

So to this point I felt a little uncomfortable but really had no way of getting out of this other then at the very beginning of my ride. Then the powda thing stepped another line for me. Then homeslice getting fucked over. Now there is a scrawny drug dealing black dude and a homeslice about to have at er. After talkin smakc about beating up the dealer dude, homeslice jumps outs. Blammy! I hear a slap and I am gone like a fart in the wind. I easily ran a km or 2 in what felt like 30 secs. Full afterburner I was sailing. If these guys started to fight I did not fuckin wanna be there. Open shed through the rickshaw in. Jump in car and speed away. That dude jumping out of my ride was fuckin scary but relieving cuz i could finally ditch the situation.

Holy shit its now 30 min later and I have finally calmed a bit. I was fuckin scared for my life and seriously am still a bit… if any shit actually went down I seriously hope they can’t remember me or anything about me.

Well I learned the second you get a bad hunch duck out. I went from a ride to a weed run to a fuckin coke run and almost a fight (maybe it happened but i sure didn’t stick around.) That “yabba” is the white stuff. And when you are scared for your life you can fuckin book it.

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