This Is Sparta

I started out tonight talking to a huge football player dude. Basically an irrelevant conversation other then he talked about how I should dress up like a Spartan and give my chariot rides of destiny.
I killed the streets tonight. Made close to $200 in 2 hours. Some of this was a function of right place right time. But in reality I just played them honeys like a banjo in the south.

Smile! Hey hows it goin I’m Zee? A classic opener that never fails. I always lead into how was your night, and almost always get how was yours. This is what sets me apart from so many others. My nice is always awesome… well maybe not always awesome, could be glorious, or immaculate, or fantastic any variation of this will do. I say it in such a way that you can’t help but wonder why is Zee doing so fuckin awesome. Story time! I love sharing stories and I feel as though my ladies love hearing them. They always ask for more.

Why do we game everyone? Hmm it always seemed silly to me to talk to the girls I have no interest in, or dude for that matter. Well if the fat friend likes you her hot friend will definetly love you besides you can get the pre approval. Unlike capital one no hassle credit cards, these come with a high level interest.

Thats exactly what I did. HBgaelic sees me a smile and call her over. She is havin a ball and wants a ride on my man powered chariot of destiny. Her friend however needs convincing. After telling her about almost killing people, bringing all the really cute ones into dark alleys, she likes my humor and is convinced. We stop at a bank and my HB goes to get some scratch. Meanwhile, fatty is telling me that HBgaelic is single, and a million other details not worth getting into. It was lavalife in person or at least what i picture it to be. HBgaelic comes out and fatty gives my life story or to the best of what she could do and how I would be perfect to go out with. And I quote “if it doesn’t work at least you guys will have one hell of a fuck together”. I was almost crying when this was said. But anyway fatty was talkin a little to much and I wanted to hear from HB gaelic. And wouldn’t you know it… a wing. Well as much as he could be walks by. I introduce to him then to the ladies and buddy is so hammered he doesn’t mind talking to ms talk your ear off while i isolate HBgaelic a bit. Hugs, Hi Fives, and her number.

Friend: add her to face book her name is ____

Me: I could add you to facebook and we could be the best friends ever… or I could add you HBgaelic my dear in my phone and call you at 3:37 tomorrow afternoon.

HB: that would make me soo happy… 222-3333
I ran into a number of ladies. But this one stood out because I used her friend to get to her.

Funny shit that happened tonite:
Definetly got a good peak at a cougars box. Her drunk friend told me that she just shaved, pulled up the dress and said see. Haha good times.

O boy a great accent nothing beats it. You can have soo much fun teasing and playing with a girl that doesn’t have a full grasp of the language.

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