Damn do I ever dig french chicks!

Yesterday was a chill day. I went to beach with ms goodhead. And myself and three others had some coronas and dinner. Then I had to pay my pimp. He is starting to ask for alot. I guess my business is being so productive that he needs his share. My plan originally for last night was pay the pimp and go home to sleep.

Scratch that, Straighup tells me there is a bbq to go to. I am there… why the fuck not. Enter the apartment. A haze of smoke, the bbq is goin its smells awesome. Kinda sausage fest but hell i am hungry and when there is pussy even few I will be there. I met D at a party a few weeks ago she is a cool chick, has some crazy stories. I also meet gluten girl, she has a similar handicap to me. She is excited cuz she is gonna make me some weed and hash brownies haha. She was kinda cute but I didn’t care enough to push things.
Sunday was my 5th consecutive night out pulling. Not bad you could say. Anyway after an hour we made no money. But me and straightup didn’t care we were going to chill with 2 frenchies, the night before they go back home. Originally another dude was supposed to chill to but he peaced on it. I think he is still grasping how to deal with so many hot girls. Anyway when we thought dude was coming I started calling my numbers cuz the boys had first pick of the litter. HBQ the radio station promo chick and I had a great convo but she had to be workin at 6 am, I told her that was cool and that I will kick her ass in mario kart later. HBscarlett was all game for coming but I just stopped responding to her once i found out that it was only gonna be the four of us.

I like to make things comfortable quick. So Straighup and I picked em up in my car. I love this car but it is horrible impractical. I mean its a 2 seater. HBblond and HBcute hopped in the car ontop of Straightups lap. The four of us talked and drove to his place. These chicks are both from Montreal, have weak english but we managed. Actually the accent and the language made things challenging but exciting. HB blond was smoking, then she opened her mouth and I fell in love. Figuratively of course. Straighup grabbed a shower so I had 15 min alone with the ladies, we chatted and they helped me with my intro to french class. We giggle and alot of pinging.
We stopped doing the homework when Straightup came down, time for some booze and sociables. We created the rules and made sure we had stupid self amusement like “crazy picture time” and of course sexy time. I had taken blondie and he took cutey. Lots of cuddle, a ton of pinging and a tidbit of makeout. Night ended and we were both disapointed. We were both unreactive to them leaving, but I feel as though Straightup showed resentment and I showed disapointment. But they will be back in a week and i told them i have spare beds in my place and they said they will stay here.

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