Girls thoughts on girls

On Monday a friend of mine(HBcowntown) arrived visiting from cowtown. We have never really had a thing between us mostly just friends…. from years of chodeliness I can attribute. Anyway she has seen my transformation and knows of many of my exploits and although she doesn’t fully agree with it she is pretty cool about it.
Leading up to this week I have been half fearing and half looking forward to seeing her. The fear… what do I do about all my other affections while she is here and second what will my affections think about this. I had told most of them that she will be crashing at my place for the whole week and that I have to “entertain” her and I am working lots so might not be all that available. Coolbeans.

Upon her arrival last night I had to cancel on Daddysgirl so I could pick her up at the airport. I thought this was bad… it sounded that way. Well I had told HBcowtown about daddysgirls parents owning a restraunt. She got excited and I told her all about daddysgirl. She was cool about it. So today I told daddysgirl more about cowtown and they both wanna meet. That fear taken care of.
Last night when talking to daddysgirl i told her that we would go underwear shopping and eat at mcdonalds. She didn’t believe me, but when we actually did she loved it. Haha more random amusement we picked some underwear for her to wear for me. Haha love the sexual talk and stuff. While at the mall we run into “HBkaren”. Immediately i feel jealousy from both of them… uh oh. Nah they are both receptive, realizing that neither of them is my only girl so watch out.

A big thing I learned was that fear not little one things will workout, and if they don’t who cares

I recieved a call from a fellow chariot master asking me to wing for him tonight. I am a lone wolf running through the midnight winds. None of my buddies have ever had as much interest in gaming as me as a result I go out alone… or at least break away. But I instawing guys all the time so I feel as though I am an asset. I help bring the party but keep him as the focus and brag him up, HBcowtown tags along. The three ladies all love each other. Myself and straighup keep a solid game going but he starts to get drunk and HBeyebrowring is begining to lose interest in him and focus it on me. I just do my shit but start to get the I wanna fuck you vibe. As a wing I would never trample on a buddies territory so I shood her away and back towards him.

Talking to HBcowtown on the way home from the bar, she got things off both of them about their desires. HBeyebrowring is intimidated by Straightup b/c he has so many girls hanging off of him. He is drunk and worried that she doesn’t like him that much. Boring high school shit but anyway… HBcowtown convinced HBeyebrowring to go back home with him.

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