Get your head in Gear

Wow I have really fallen behind on my posts since HBcowtown arrived. Originally I thought it would be a cool thing but it turns out to be a bit of a pain. I will give ya  a little detail on her. I have been friends with her since back in the day of jr high. Haha actually she was probably one of the first cold approach pickups i ever had. Long before I discovered what it was to actually meet a girl. Anyway we have been friends since. We both had huge long term relationships of death and helped each other through it. She is a naive little blond, that has strong christian influenced values. Great girl and funny but I have never really felt her.
Since HBcowtown has arrived we have been out every night. I think in the last 14 days I have had one night off. A nice little stint.
She knows of about 25% of my exploits, alot of them are to much for her in my opinion. She also knows that I am a bit of a ladies man, although she doesn’t agree she accepts and humours it. I truly trust this girl and thats why thus far she has met three of my sensational lovers. I am gonna break this into two posts, but this one is more of an update and the next will be a bit of a note taking session.
The Do Me (wednesday night)

Wednesday I worked the day shift and then came home to beer and bbq at my place. My roomie for next year brought her best friend over to chill. Wow she was cuter then I remembered. “hey whats up?” after 5 min I isolated her onto my patio for a long chat about the sun and the surf. We all get drunk. Then a friend fires us a ride downtown.  Enter bar at midnight. Noone is there but the 6 of us… hammered. I thought to myself in the car ride there “Man i am f**kin hammered right now, I need to stop drinking so I can talk to ladies.” So I stop drinking. Thats a bad mindset, i think, I shouldn’t have my level of drunkeness affect my desires. It should be instinct see girl, talk to girl, fuck her phone number. Haha I am eliminating my phone number gathering.

Anyway as bar picked up I became lame, no chance I would sober up before the end of the night so I became in a shitty mood. It showed too, my FANTASMIC smile of eternal sunshine didn’t mean shit all if I wasn’t really having fun.

I ran into HBkoolaid and her friends at the bar… and it enlightened me but nothing great. Things are still bomb with her… we are going our for soy ice cream soon. Hahaha.


I decided to pull my chariot on Friday night for a bit of a change. I ran into a number of ladies. Haha actually one I had hooked up with a few weeks ago from a different bar and forgot about. Woops, I didn’t realize the was already one I had played with until I went through the pictures on my phone the next day. Great times none the less.

Straightup and myself met up with a few girlies he has been playin for a little while. They are cute but honestly not my type, but I figured lend a hand when you can or well in this case a body. We took them on a romantic waterfront tour in which we had them making out. I also took the motorboat for a spin with each of them.

This was the first time I have blatantly motorboated a few ladies. It was very comical. After reading Jeffy’s Newsletter this morning I realized it was all because of congruence. Simply put it was part of my frame so it worked great. Hell I got texts from each of them later saying come motorboat me again later.


I hit the golden sands of the beach with 2 buddies, HBcowtown and Daddysgirl. The girls hit off nicely. HBcowtown knows not to talk about her sharing my bed or the other things. It was very good for me to have those two distracted so I could meet some new friends along the beach. A few minor encounters but nothing of significance.

I pulled cart again last night but only for a few hours. Before doing so I had to pick up HBcowtown and a buddy from HBdaddysgirls place where a party was going on. It was supposed to be a small gathering but it ended up getting out of control later, but I will get back to that.

Lately my demeanor towards new woman has been off. I think I am demonstrating to high value, almost a bit of an ego. This I gotta work on. This abundance thing has gotten a bit to my head and I need a kick in the ass to get back in line. I am still getting a few numbers a night but like Ozzie says you can’t fuck a number.

Back to daddysgirl. I get a call at 2:30 am that I miss because I am busy chatting up my precious. Crying and call me right away shenanigans. I knew the party was getting outta hand when I left her place the first time but hell she is a big girl and could deal with it. Apperently a bunch of drunk 19yr olds were being stupid and instead of 15 people there was more like 75 and the house was a mess. Daddysgirls rents were out of town and she was looking after the house with her brother. A few of the lil’uns were insulting her and it really hurt her feelings. Ahh crazy ladies. When I wrote my “notes” I will talk more about how I feel about this and my thoughts on the situation.

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