Flip the charts and throw some of your own LMR out

I recieved a few texts from HBscarlett on Saturday. She looks almost identical to scarlett johanson. I say almost though because she has a bit more of a bootie but a little more of a stomach. Still a yes to say the least.

Anyway this chicka I met a few weeks ago and has been my best customer. But Sunday would be the first day2 with her. The first time I spend time alone with her and not on the streets. Although “I kissed a girl and I liked it she tastes of cherry chapstick” is very true with her. Myself and a buddy got her and her friend to kiss for us.

We arranged to meet after I was done my meeting and paying my pimp in the evening. I got her to meet me downtown and I had nothing planned. A few of the boys invited me for beer and wings so I invited my precious and her friend to join. The 5 of us vibed then after myself and the 2 ladies returned to their place before heading to a whipped cream bikini party. While chillin at her place I made myself comfortable by sprawling on the couch and talking about sex. I don’t care about anything so most my stories are wide open if they are asked. HBscarlett had her hand up my shorts with her friend chattin to us while sittin up the other couch.

I convinced her friend to go chill with another dude. Leaving me and HBscarlett to continue escalation. After dropping friend off we were only a few blocks from my place. As I pulled up my drive I told HBscarlett that she is coming to my place. Her only resistance was that she didn’t wanna look “slutty” coming into my place with my roommates seeing her come in. Simply put they were in bed so i just took her hand walked in straight to my room. She tried to sit on my desk chair but to much shit was on it (unintentionally of course) so she made my bed and sat on it. While fluffing earlier we talked about movies. And how I love Tarantino and Scorsese movies. She looks through those and picks The Untouchables. Hmm… the first clue you are about to get it on. Out of 40 + dvds she choses a manly mafia movie.

30 seconds into the movie. I pounce, caveman stylez. She says what took ya so long. Haha go figure. After 3 minutes she is dripping, after 4 minutes she is begging. After 5 minutes I am pushing her off me, saying maybe we shouldn’t. This is something new I thought I would try. I mean you know you are getting it wet either way so trying flipping the tables. I said things like, we just met, the stuff we hear once and a while. Well within 7 minutes we were both lying in bed naked. I am not great at presenting LMR but hey I held off for 5 minutes.

I was soo tired that I literally rolled over and went to sleep. Every 2 or 3 hours she would wake me up to go again and again and again. A few of the times I would ignore and continue my sleep. I had a long week last week most nights only getting 2-5 hours. I had trouble getting her to leave in the morning. But after telling her my days schedule she took the hint.

After dropping her off I called up HBkoolaid to hang out and fired texts off to a few others. I am really enjoying having abundance. And now that I have gotten my head in check and ego straightened things are running smoothly again.

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  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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