Note Taking Time

In this past week I have been very busy entertaining but also denying some of my precious. HBcowtown left this morning and we had alot of conversations that in which I learned more about how a female brain works. And thats where notes come into play.

-Young girls are soo naive. HBcowtown is 19 and from what I saw with her out partying downtown she doesn’t realize whats really happening. She met a mutual aquaintance of mine who is a complete natural. He is also a little skeezy. She fell in love with him instantly, bowing at his every command. Now HBcowtown being young and naive didn’t catch onto any of this, while HBdaddysgirl who met him at the exact same time saw right through him. She didn’t like him at all. He is a pushy guy but there is lots to learn from him which is another portion of my notes.

– 18 year olds can be very direct. I was selling some product at a concert the other day, so I was going up to everyone trying to push it. Never tie your shows again. Its actually a pretty awesome product and your laces never come untied. I wear em on my shoes for the gym. Anyway the attention and humour i brought about to help sell this product also yielded ungodly results with everyone. I generally avoid girls that are not of university age yet so I never attempted to get anywhere other then selling. They would directly ask for numbers, a kiss, etc. One actually offered me a favour in an outhouse… how romantic.

– Girls talk… alot. Good or bad if you have lady friends together odds are part of the conversation will revolve around you. Especially if they are both interested. HBcowtown and HBdaddysgirl hung out together and then cowtown relayed some of their conversation back to me. From this i learned:

when she asks about girls i meet and stuff and i play it normal and just agree and stuff she doesn’t like it. Either she is jealous or not but apparently it makes her feel awkward.

Once you start hanging out for more then a month they start to search for commitment.

If you aren’t being needy at all sometimes they search for something you want to make you needy.

When chillin with this other guy that is a champion I learned alot.

– There are no rules. My jaw was on the ground watching and hearing some of the things from him. He would walk in front of 10 girls stretch out his arms and say stop. Instantly they would all be at his attention bowing to his every command. No one was off limits. Sexual comments to 16 year olds, mom’s, grandma’s you name it, it was all congruent with his vibe.

– I don’t give a fuck. The two of us approached a 10 and an 11 and had their full attention for 15 minutes. They were bartenders of course. He got the number and told them we would call em later. He pushed to leave, I wanted to stay and continue with em. We ejected. He never called them or anything. I was kinda shocked, and he just said “I will call em some other time we got shit to do”. So we go and find more honeys.

– Make something out of nothing. Wings and beer weren’t just wings and beer. It was a glorious outing to a amazing pub for the best wings in town and the coldest beer. And after that there was no going home. It was a Whipped Cream Bikini party with the ladies. On a night where I would have pulled her back to my place to show her my favorite movie, he suggested whipped cream bikini’s. Gold pure gold.

A few other minor notes and queries:

– a few weeks ago I met a HBkaren. Great interaction and all that shit but only the number. During my outings she has been at a numerous amount of these bars. Of the last 5 i have caught a glance of her at 4. But she almost runs when she sees me. All of these times I have seen her I have been with a different girl, actually one night i ran into her twice with different girls. She works at the mall as well and similarily a different girl. HBkaren has run cold on me. I still get replies to my texts, they are shitty and closing. Stuff like “are you kidding me”. I am gonna plow this one into the ground. I feel like there is still some attraction, but my “playerish” lifestyle seems to be scaring her away.

– I am having trouble keeping up. Its like Mombo #5. HBcowtown gave me a lecture the other day. She said I am cheating on my girls. Maintaining the fact that none of these are exclusive I defended myself. Her logical side was telling me that “You must date only 1 girl and fall for her hard (her thoughts were that daddysgirl and i should become exclusive).” Getting frustrated I plainly told her that it was an oldschool mentality and that I do what makes me happy.

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