Hey Jude, Don’t Be Afraid

Been a hectic week for me and haven’t gotten to experience much other then sleeping and working. I met some olympians on Tuesday which was pretty awesome.

This post is in relation to some realizations I have made in the last couple days, one with HBdaddysgirl and one while I was serving social lubricant at a wedding. The wedding is more on my mind so that will be what I discuss first.
The wedding yesterday was a couple that I would say are mid-20s, which meant all her friends are definetly prospectives to me. I have never pulled or even number closed a chick from a wedding. I have a sticking point and I just can’t get through it. I have trouble figuring out which ones are already in relationships and stuff, which technically shouldn’t matter. Small talk is not a problem with me but I just can’t get them hooked enough to stay and chat at the bar with me.

Being in a different element has I guess been throwing me off. Last night I got a comment like “So when do you finish high school.” I just rolled with it though, not really being phased with it, and I said I finish in a year. I passed that shit test and she went on to ask what University I am going too. And later what high school did I graduate from. It feels like she had a real fixation on age without actually saying it.

Later in the night, a different one came up and said “Me and my girls were trying to guess how old you are” Naturally again I get her to guess. She says 20-22. I am 21 but I make it more fun, and tell her I turned 43 this past month and winked. She giggled and we chatted for a few minutes and she left the bar.

One more individual stood out to me and we chatted. HBshorty I will call her. When it was busy at the bar earlier in the night I just had to get the crowd going so I didn’t notice her for a few hours. She gave me a hard time about that. I thought to myself its on. Each time she came back to the bar she would stay for a minute or 2 and fluff, using my name alot. A few times when she came up, she was with a dude which appeared to be a husband but it was never clarified if that was the case. I got introduced to the bride by her and HBshorty said I was amazing. At the end of the night she left, alone… well with the bridesmaids. I should have just plowed and gone for broke.

The HBdaddysgirl situation:

Today is now daddysgirl’s 23rd bday. In the past 3 weeks we have had a number of chats about relationship stuff but I am still unsure if I want to commit to a LTR. But my behavior around her is starting to appear that way. The problem is that I am seeing 3 or 4 other girls right now and daddysgirl is definetly the most needy, but also the most attractive. Funny how that shit works.

Now I have always hated the thought I playing girls that think you are their boyfriend when you are really a number of girls boyfriend. But this is exactly what I think is goin on.  In the next week I will be making a decision whether to “buddy up” with her, or tell her that we are looking for different things. The situation beteween us has gotten to the point where we either date or don’t hang out now. I am starting to get the I miss you calls.

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