O lesbos do you ever blow

A more creative title would have been great, but this is the scenario from Saturday night. I have been pretty busy thats why I am so far behind with the update. I will actually right another one tomorrow as its my day off work.

I did not pull my glorious chariot of destiny much last week… actually once Saturday. It was a hectic week full of ______(insert lame excuse here). Anyway back to Saturday. Shortly after getting out I bump into HBkoolaid. She is a little innebriated and with too many friends for me to give a ride to, very brief conversation. Within minutes I have struck up and picked up 2 HB and wheel by em. By the next moment I retrieved my cell, I got a text saying I want you tonight. Long story short she got to drunk and needed to go home… another night.

A few minor sets occured before I got blown out huge… and by huge I mean king kong vs the flys around your old bananas blown out. I loved it soo much. In my city this past saturday was gay pride parade and the like. As per every saturday I went to a hottie hotspot. And damn I saw some smokeshows.

Here I go, Hey hows it goin… i’m zee. As I have done thousands of times before. We fluff, then as soon as I go sexual with any of them. I get fuck off or an instant chick makeout. Now, it was a saturday night, and not outside of a gay bar. So naturally, locate, talk and close is how I work. Not the case.

some of the things I heard were:

“your cute but too bad we are after the same thing”

“fuck off can’t you tell I eat pussy”

The best was… a physical turn and point at straight girl thats hot. Haha funny times.

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