The great Daddysgirl explosion of July 2008

O daddysgirl how I have enjoyed your times. For the past month maybe even 2 she has been a recipient of my affection. Although, I had slightly moved towards a dating frame with her and even considered being exclusive I never took this step and she knew of my player status. In the past month we have had 3 or 4 significant events that i would title as “ridiculous drama” as in shit that i don’t really care about but is an arguement at the least. One huge chode moment on my behalf, when I saw her chillin with another dude. That shit blew by like a fart in the wind and I present to you. The explosion.

~~~~~~~~~~Cloudy cutscene with trippy music~~~~~~~~~~~

HBdaddysgirl had her birthday this past saturday. I made plans for her in the early afternoon. My schedule is always busy and that was the only time for her. She cancelled to be with her mom, fair enough. I worked the evening shift and then was out with my chariot of destiny. I can’t remember what happened that night while out, mostly irrelevant stuff other then a few makeouts and numbers. O haha cougar makeout. Anyway back to my story.
I also worked Sunday morning, but got off early and called her for a beach trip for a few hours. Fun times, but she wanted to makeout on beach. I am a pretty chill guy but I am not big on public displays of affection. I mean a random quick makeout is one thing or a quick kiss, but no tongue down my throat tasting last nights Thai Haddock and roasted sweet potato’s mmm good. We discuss and she jumps on defense but who cares really.

Flash forward to Monday. I went to see Batman with HBscarlett. Best fuckin movie ever. I was in a awesome state after seeing the movie. I get home and she messages me to “talk”. I told her when I first met her that a relationship that is exclusive and/or long term are out of the question. But we had been hanging out for a month and I had moved it to more of a dating type frame, unintentionally. We hadn’t done the pickle in the bun in 2 weeks and i was starting to get frustrated with that situation. That turned over rocks and she flipped out. Now here is a funny part, convo is mostly on msn. I say lets talk about this on phone… no… in person… no.  Lame. She proceeds to create arguments with me when I have enough. I tell her “if this is how its gonna be i am not having it.” She leaves the convo and thats the end of that night.  Now my impression at the end of the night was, cool now i don’t have to worry about her… once less to deal with.

Tuesday, I pulled cart and recieved upwards of 10 texts in a 3 or 4 hour period, all confrontational and asking if I had made the right decision. Blah blah blah. You know the really chodey things that guys always say when the love of their life breaks up with them. That kinda shit. Now coming from a dime I had hoped for more. She stuggled to get the message.

Finally after a conversation today I think she understands. I am not for drama, and thats what she brought about.

I had come very close to going exclusive with her. But each time i would have that thought, we would have an argument. Then I would continue my normal manly details of being detailed by other HB.

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