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O hot dayamn

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The night is Friday, the air is crisp and the wind is blowing. Tonight is amazing. Je suis tres bien. I make a few rounds and before I know it I have met 20 new friends. A warm up, more is to come.

I roll up on a few of my roomies. They have been drinking for hours. All smashed and sittin with three hotties. The hotties were there first and were struggling to comprehend their sentences. But they managed to get enough to tell my buddies that they want to come for a ride with me. Deal. They are sitting on a patio that is fenced in. 2 are wearing dresses and one is in tight leather holy fucking shit I am wanna plow you now pants. Simple, I dominate. Pick you up, pick you up, leather fucking pants I grab you by your ass.

I have discovered a quick buying temperature test when picking women up. Its like a thermometer. Can she picture you fucking her? When she is horny she will wrap her legs around you. The tighter the squeeze the higher the temp. Of the three leather pants squeezed the tightest.

We go for a private waterfront tour. Jeopardy happens. One says to me. 23. I say what is your age? Haha reverse questioneering. They are all interested. Turns out they know people from my other job, and they work at hooters, rightfully so.

Things are awesome. Now this is where I learn my lessons. I am a sex maniac. My pheromones penetrate the air singing, I wanna fuck you, you already know. Questions become more scandelous. They ask me to take off my shirt. I tease but don’t take it off. They ask to see my ass sculpted by a god. I show a quick peak. One pulls down my shorts. They want the full show. I turn them down.

HB: I wanna see your cock!

Z: not here, its not appropriate

HB2: let me grab you and get a feel

Z; let me grab you and get a feel

Many comments like this were made. And my responses were along those lines. Eventually we headed back to the bar.
So where I messed this up happened in 2 places.

1. They led the conversation, they were asking for things.

2. I think a bit of a show for them would have led to a dip in her harbour.


Brr its cold in here

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O the weather is upon is… the leaves are turning colour and falling… hold up its the middle of august. Well I kid you not leaves are falling and fall appears to be on its way along with colder evenings. Tonight was an off night for me. Yes I could approach, but I couldn’t hook them. I feel as though I didn’t lead a fully dominant frame for a large portion of the night. The bars were not very busy tonight but thats great women are still out.

When pulling my gloriuos chariot of destiny, we have a code, first come first serve. So we work together to get rides for our buddies. Very similar to winging, except in most cases(not all) this results in a ride and more often then you would guess a number, lay or something. As one of the bars was coming to a close 4 of us were chillin. And I start chattin a 4 set which turns into 6 then 7. Being 6 HB and a dude. This dude reaks pickup, from the white shoes, to goofy hair to general attitude. By this point I have helped the 6 ladies into 2 carts leaving him standing on the street taking pictures for them. Now I am no game killer and their were plenty of ladies. So with cameras a blaze I talk with the dude and figure out who he is tryin to game. Simple, I take him and his desired lady on an extended ride, I get more money he gets laid. Well turns out the ladies wanted to get away from him. And before I knew it they were gone. The dude thanked for the help and went to approach more ladies. Good on him, abundance.

Shortly after those shenanigans I found myself standing there alone, innocent but with a sly smile. Sly enough to make 4 beautiful women curious. Slowly yet surely one comes over to chat, she laughs, the 2nd comes they are both giddy and giggling. Now I have 3 of them looped into my frame. Meanwhile the 4th is talking to some evil bloodsucking sharks of doom. They are similar to me in only one way right now, neither of us give a fuck. So in Zee fashion, I tell the three to hold up i am gonna grab their friend. I run across the street slam on a car hood, throw her over my shoulder and run her back to my chariot. Problem though, I can’t put her down, legs are wrapped around me like a ball of string caught in your bike tire. I look her in the eye and quick makeout. No words just actions. I put her down her friends all giggle and we go on our way. A quick little run in which they pay me extra to strip, but I was not really feelin them so never took a number.

After those little detours I bring you to the experience of the night. Obviously I am not a smoker, I run close to 50 km, most of which with 250+ pounds behind me. But these are frequently the women I meet when waiting outside bars. Since there is no smoking inside. I am sittin there chillin talkin to a friend of a friend having a good heart to heart. And these 2 bombshells walk outside. When I say bombshell I don’t just throw that around like yesterdays ham sandwich. These ladies were showstoppers. Both russian, and both blond. They hit on guys surrounding me asking for smokes, get the smoke and fuck off. Well not totally the lesser of the 2 continues talking, evidently hammered. While the taller more beautiful on sits about 5 feet away from me and is all pouty and sad.

I talked about this recently and I avoid being negative as much as I can. The old me would have opened her with “hey hows the night you look sad why don’t we blah blah blah.” I actually can’t count the number of times I used to try and open sets by saying negative things. I like meeting the sad girls, it makes me smile knowing that I made their day that much better. Anyway after being blown out hundreds of times trying that sameold boring negative crap. I keep it straight and simple ” hello my dear how is your night?”

As soon as her negative talk came out I cut it off. I don’t want her to be bummed around me she wants to be smiling and enjoying me. “I like apples”

HBbitch: what

Z: i think we should go salsa…

HBbitch: hehe i don’t know how to salsa (SMILES)

She is smiling, no longer negative. Time to give her some of zee’s favorite candy compliments some sweet tarts with cute messages. How about a little of ” you know you are much cuter when you smile” more smiles, then I will pass on to her a “smiling makes us warm inside”. The second one I thought was lame after I said it but she still enjoyed it. By this point her drunk friend who I hadn’t acknowledged yet had finished her smoke and dragged my darling inside. Oops a bit of a mistake on my part.

Half an hour later, I am chillin outside a different exit to the bar and my two russian princesses come outside. This is where HBbitch name comes from. She is pissed again, not smiling. Guys left right and centre are getting blown out and replying with bitch. Her bitch sheild is up full force, preparing for an attack by the evil galactic empire. Now her friend is acting like what some might deem slutty and bumming smokes. HBbitch sees me, screams its you( we had not exchanged names yet) and jumps and we hug. She sits down, we talk. Bounce a few love taps off each other. When some old english dude comes in. He says something and trys tapping her shoulder, SLAM! Bitch sheild cuts off the mofo. He disappears and sheild drops for me immediately. Early in our conversation she asks me to pull them back to their hotel, its a long ways ( across a bridge and down a ways close to an hour run maybe longer). I turned em down time and time again for it. I had gotten to the point of tired, I didn’t really escalate things to much, but was increasingly gettin more interest.

I tell her I am gonna head home soon, 5 minutes later I tell her its time. After a hug and a bit more fluff, she says bye, waves, grabs her slutty friends hand, hails a cab and is gone. Like that.

Now I was stupid here. The dynamics were all taken care of. Her friend was with 3 guys, it was just me and her. I knew where they were going, I could have driven us all then just stayed in her hotel room. An even lamer guy would have settled for a number. But no nothing out of this but a few lessons. Which is alright in the long run but I know I could have pulled.

Time Stands Still

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Other then the little update that was written almost 2 weeks after the fact, I have been reletively inactive over the past few weeks.

I went to Calgary for 5 days for a suprise brithday gift for my father. While there I attended a wedding but nothing came out of that. Although the average age was close to 50 there. I spent alot of time interacting with everyone making the most fun I could. Getting out never managed to work itself into my schedule.

After 2 weeks of not going out, I went out Wednesday and Friday. Nothing really memorable occured on Wednesday but Friday I hit a bit of a breakthrough.

Barstars, we all know them, we see them out rain or shine. There is a group of about 6 of them I have approached and been blown out at least 3 or 4 times. For whatever reason its fuck off this, umm were not interested that, etc. Of the 6 I usually see 3 or 4 of them out on any given night. Friday there were 4 of them. Ranging from 7.5 to a 9, so they are all attractive, and they all know it. The bitch shield was like a inpenetrable plasma shield of doom, and I had slammed hard into it a few times. I was having a great night smiling ear to ear and I approached and hooked. After a 10 minute conversation with 2 of them, the 4 were convinced to hop into my glorious chariot of destiny for a ride.

I took my time pulling them around, walked the entire way chatting them up, high fives and all. Eventually I got the girlfriend question, age, where you from, etc. All of which I responded as usual, ridiculously. I have 73 girlsfriends, i am 37 and I am from the eastern tip of Antartica. They appreciated the humour in it. One of the girls I had decided was my precious asked to borrow my phone to make a call. Hugs and kisses for all when I drop them off.

Friday felt as though I never took any time away from going out. I had spent about half an hour with another 3 set whom invited me to their place for an afterparty. Unfortunately I needed to be at work in 3 hours and was insanely tired so I made myself settle for a number.
At the end of the week I have gotten 5 or 6 solid numbers and a number of flaky ones. Which is about average for me. But one number i got that i didn’t plan on was the barstars number. In borrowing my phone she called her phone and added her number. And we are gonna chill later this week. So I plowed and did not get intimidated by these girls and finally ended with some success.

YOU! How bout that because I am outta catchy titles for the time being.

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Falling a bit behind on things and keeping updated. I said goodbye to my dear orgasm last thursday but keeping in touch.

I had thursday off so I gave HBpiping, my neighbour a true cutie that placed me into LJBF years ago a ride to the airport. Then I caught up on some much needed sleep.

Workin the corners thursday night was a little unproductive. My tired state was evident for most the night. After a few decent interactions and numbers, I ran into HBradio. She works for one of the radio stations as a promo girl. We have been texting back and forth for a week and this was the first time I had seen her since we met. To be honest I couldn’t remember what she looked like other then she was blond and cute. She was the same way but knew where to find me. Shortly after talking she said ” I couldn’t remember what you looked like but i knew instantly you are a sexworthy guy”. Cool beans is what i thought. This was the first time i heard something like this. She asked about me being hard to get, and i told her i wanted to make sure she was worth my time. Jokingly of course. This caused to her to try and demonstrate more value towards me. I am a busy guy, she is a busy girl. I told her I would pencil her in for tuesday.

Nothing spectacular about this but thought it would be kinda interesting to say, maybe someone has advice on how to get around this for next time it happens. On thursday a female pop group was partying at one of the bars. I talked to 2 of em for about 30 secs but then they got rushed into their cab by 2 goons. It felt like there was nothing i could do. These ladies were interested in taking a ride in my glorious chariot of destiny.
Friday and Saturday I worked long days. Weddings at the club. This meant young attractive girls who just saw their BFF get married. I have talked about struggling with this… and honestly I still did. I mean I scored a few numbers this time, but nothin serious. A bridesmaid offered herself up to me on saturday but she was umm joyously filled. I am an attractive guy, I have worked hard to get my physique and it does get attention. One of the ladies at the wedding was talking me up to all the other ones, but they were all to shy to come visit me at the bar.

I took sunday off to catch up on some much needed Zee’z and work on my language skills. I am taking a summer course to learn some francais. This is why I have been so attracted to french chicks lately. Seriously they are outstanding.

Monday was like any other monday. Drag your ass outta bed and head to work. I got off early to go pick up HBpiping from the airport. Then I decided to pull cart for a little while.

An ugly night, but it was a holiday so at least a few people were chillin on the water front. I met some more radio girls… these ones even cuter. I also met some 18 yr olds. Its getting weird now  seeing that they are 1990.

Day2 w HBradio

HBradio and I met up on the tuesday. I picked her up after an exam and told her to wear good shoes. I was a little tired so we grabbed a coffee and then walked along the waterfront. We walked and talked for close to 2 hours. Awesome fun cool girl, but I had decided I wasn’t really attracted to her enough but thought she would be great to befriend. So I limited the kino and just kept the fun cool vibe.  We still are talkin every couple days but haven’t had a chance to chill again.

Vous êtes beau chéri – Haha more frenchies

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After writing that long boring and rather shitty IMO post about the daddysgirl explosion. I have an awesome story that took place during the aftermath of the explosion. It includes a daytime pickup, bodyshots, bestfriends, 3 way makeout and jumping between beds. I don’t wanna give to much away. This was a 2 day pickup as they were only here for 2 days.

They see me rolling, patrolling, tryin to catch me ridin dirtay. I don’t know if thats the lyrics but thats how it would go on as i roll down the street pickin up honeys in my chariot. “Hey, You two are cute lets go!”. Two ladies, hard to tell their faces with those big sunglasses and long brown hair. They both got great bodys, one is taller and has legs and an incredible ass. The other is small, a petite one. Instantly I notice an accent. Hold up, more frenchies. Nah not quite. They are acadian. So they have better english but speak both. So sexy, accent in general are a huge bonus. Its like eating a steak with steak spice. Its not necessary but damn is it ever good. We go for a 10 minute ride, in which they decide they want a private tour, without the chariot of destiny. I tell them we will go on Zee’s Ultiumate Pub Crawl. I lead the two ladies down the street to change and park my cart. We go and grab some food, vibe and take a walk through the public gardens. I let them know I need to learn to use my tongue better ( in reference to study for french lab) for a few hours. I will call them in a few hours.

Time to crawl, beg, you know you wannit. I head to the hotel to meet up with my ladies. Lets call the tall one HBorgasm and the short one HBlilone. The three of us fluff, wrestle and have a few drinks. We are all close, rubbing massaging. I kiss both of em, on multiple occasions. Then head to the bar. Arm and arm I have 2 dames. I like that feeling, i can get used to it. After the two of them sharing some beer with me and my lunch I offer to buy the first round. After vibing for a bit over a pitcher of beer, we go to dance. I am the best dancer in the world. Well I believe I am. This is step 3 in my nonexistent schedule for the night. This step takes place as… girls think sex, they wind and grind up on your pole and think about sex with you. HBorgasm wants to do tequilla shots. Ugh I hate tequilla. Wait a sec these ladies got killer bods. Light bulb!

I have never actually done this before but needed to try. Buy tequilla, get the salt and clear a table.
“Alright ladies bodyshots!” All night we had people watching us. Now there was a circle around myself, HBorgasm and HBlilone. I take Orgasm’s hand and help her onto the table. Lick the beltline, put the salt, fill her belly button and put the lemon in her mouth. I do the same with lilone. Then they each do it with me. Haha bad idea, they have now seen my stomach. Their buying temp is flying through the roof. O and by bad idea I mean they are trying to pull my shirt off in the bar and licking my stomach. Back on dance floor, I makeout with one, turn makeout with other, they makeout, rinse and repeat.

On multiple occasions I had other guys try and walk in. But we kidded and had fun and the dudes had no chance. Actually one guy was sent to the wrong hotel by them. Kinda feel bad for him. O well. Other then my territory being stepped on… i got approached by dudes, at the bar, on the patio and even the fuckin bathroom asking how can they do that. They were watching me all night and wanted the same power.

Back to hotel. Lets check out pictures from the night. Sitting on bed between two hotties… my mind is running. I have the home stretch and on my way to the finish. Hold up… I look over at orgasm and she jumps in the other bed to sleep. Damn son… o well I will take out the lilone. She flips to a picture of using making out on dance floor. Then i kiss her and she drops camera. Its on… or is it. She is putting up heavy resistance…”I can’t with orgasm in the bed over there”,  Z:”irrelevant” anyway i pushed. She was dripping but just wouldn’t, I had to settle for a little sucky sucky. Lilone said she is too loud.  Argh. haha.

When I woke up in the morning, Lilone was still asleep and Orgasm was just waking up. So out of one bed… into the other. Instant makeout, a little fun, which wakes up Lilone. We stop… I need to get to work for 11 and its now 10. I get a ride home and tell them I will call em when I am done. I was working a double so it would be a late night.

A few texts about sex and sexy later… I call them shortly before 11pm. I am showering then meeting them… they have been drinkin most of the day. Before I get there I recieve a text ” oh no… lilone just threw up”. Shit son! Don’t do this to me. Well i meet up with them and we walk back to the hotel. I am basically carrying lilone… she is way to drunk. This is a downer b/c i will not even try on a girl this drunk and she was almost begging for it. Once in the room… out like a supply of cupcakes at an obesity convention.

Well Orgasm and myself head to a Martini bar, after stopping to pin her to the wall for a 10 sec makeout 3 or 4 times we make it there and look at the menu. Interesting… we decide to order a martini for each other. I tell that I love pink pussy. She giggles and thats what she will be drinkin. She ordered me a hot devil or something. More vibe. Then onto the next bar.

We head to a pub. A little hungry we order some fries and a sampler of beers, comparing tastes. I tell her that she has a sweet tongue, makeout. Sexual tension is nuts. We order some shooters. I tell our server that I would like to give HBorgasm and Orgasm tonight (its like peppermint schnapps and baileys and something else not bad). She orders me the same. I tell her I have had better.

On way home we walk through a dance club. We walk past the line and in… I have barstaff and know the bouncers( bonus). Dancefloor one song, we are so close to fuckin on the dance floor I tell her… Hotel NOW! Before we are even through the door she is into her bra and underwear. Wow! she had a nice body with clothes on. But dayamn you could haha imagine. Make out and gettin her squirming with uncontrollable sensation she started to get noisy. Now remember Lilone is passed out in the bed beside us. Orgasm stops. (haha that sounds funny). “we can’t Lilone will hear”. I think to myself not this again. I didn’t listen and slid my hand down. Before I knew it… Rise of the Machine. She knew what was next. After a pleasureable amount of time a pillow couldn’t keep her quite and Lilone half woke up. Only enough to mutter something and roll over. With that excitement going on things got more wild. At one point her leg hit me in the nose and my nose started to bleed. Don’t ask about the dynamics of that one but indeed it is hilarious.

After 2 awesome nights, I indeed come close to my elusive threesome but couldn’t quite seal the deal. Sitting there at breakfast the next morning, I thought wow I love my life right now as the both sat opposite stroking my thigh up my shorts.