YOU! How bout that because I am outta catchy titles for the time being.

Falling a bit behind on things and keeping updated. I said goodbye to my dear orgasm last thursday but keeping in touch.

I had thursday off so I gave HBpiping, my neighbour a true cutie that placed me into LJBF years ago a ride to the airport. Then I caught up on some much needed sleep.

Workin the corners thursday night was a little unproductive. My tired state was evident for most the night. After a few decent interactions and numbers, I ran into HBradio. She works for one of the radio stations as a promo girl. We have been texting back and forth for a week and this was the first time I had seen her since we met. To be honest I couldn’t remember what she looked like other then she was blond and cute. She was the same way but knew where to find me. Shortly after talking she said ” I couldn’t remember what you looked like but i knew instantly you are a sexworthy guy”. Cool beans is what i thought. This was the first time i heard something like this. She asked about me being hard to get, and i told her i wanted to make sure she was worth my time. Jokingly of course. This caused to her to try and demonstrate more value towards me. I am a busy guy, she is a busy girl. I told her I would pencil her in for tuesday.

Nothing spectacular about this but thought it would be kinda interesting to say, maybe someone has advice on how to get around this for next time it happens. On thursday a female pop group was partying at one of the bars. I talked to 2 of em for about 30 secs but then they got rushed into their cab by 2 goons. It felt like there was nothing i could do. These ladies were interested in taking a ride in my glorious chariot of destiny.
Friday and Saturday I worked long days. Weddings at the club. This meant young attractive girls who just saw their BFF get married. I have talked about struggling with this… and honestly I still did. I mean I scored a few numbers this time, but nothin serious. A bridesmaid offered herself up to me on saturday but she was umm joyously filled. I am an attractive guy, I have worked hard to get my physique and it does get attention. One of the ladies at the wedding was talking me up to all the other ones, but they were all to shy to come visit me at the bar.

I took sunday off to catch up on some much needed Zee’z and work on my language skills. I am taking a summer course to learn some francais. This is why I have been so attracted to french chicks lately. Seriously they are outstanding.

Monday was like any other monday. Drag your ass outta bed and head to work. I got off early to go pick up HBpiping from the airport. Then I decided to pull cart for a little while.

An ugly night, but it was a holiday so at least a few people were chillin on the water front. I met some more radio girls… these ones even cuter. I also met some 18 yr olds. Its getting weird now  seeing that they are 1990.

Day2 w HBradio

HBradio and I met up on the tuesday. I picked her up after an exam and told her to wear good shoes. I was a little tired so we grabbed a coffee and then walked along the waterfront. We walked and talked for close to 2 hours. Awesome fun cool girl, but I had decided I wasn’t really attracted to her enough but thought she would be great to befriend. So I limited the kino and just kept the fun cool vibe.  We still are talkin every couple days but haven’t had a chance to chill again.

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