O hot dayamn

The night is Friday, the air is crisp and the wind is blowing. Tonight is amazing. Je suis tres bien. I make a few rounds and before I know it I have met 20 new friends. A warm up, more is to come.

I roll up on a few of my roomies. They have been drinking for hours. All smashed and sittin with three hotties. The hotties were there first and were struggling to comprehend their sentences. But they managed to get enough to tell my buddies that they want to come for a ride with me. Deal. They are sitting on a patio that is fenced in. 2 are wearing dresses and one is in tight leather holy fucking shit I am wanna plow you now pants. Simple, I dominate. Pick you up, pick you up, leather fucking pants I grab you by your ass.

I have discovered a quick buying temperature test when picking women up. Its like a thermometer. Can she picture you fucking her? When she is horny she will wrap her legs around you. The tighter the squeeze the higher the temp. Of the three leather pants squeezed the tightest.

We go for a private waterfront tour. Jeopardy happens. One says to me. 23. I say what is your age? Haha reverse questioneering. They are all interested. Turns out they know people from my other job, and they work at hooters, rightfully so.

Things are awesome. Now this is where I learn my lessons. I am a sex maniac. My pheromones penetrate the air singing, I wanna fuck you, you already know. Questions become more scandelous. They ask me to take off my shirt. I tease but don’t take it off. They ask to see my ass sculpted by a god. I show a quick peak. One pulls down my shorts. They want the full show. I turn them down.

HB: I wanna see your cock!

Z: not here, its not appropriate

HB2: let me grab you and get a feel

Z; let me grab you and get a feel

Many comments like this were made. And my responses were along those lines. Eventually we headed back to the bar.
So where I messed this up happened in 2 places.

1. They led the conversation, they were asking for things.

2. I think a bit of a show for them would have led to a dip in her harbour.

One Response to “O hot dayamn”

  1. Christine Says:

    Cool posts zee, keep it up.

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