Learn more when you don’t get laid

This summer has truly been a summer of loving so far and its happening so fast. Listening to some greece soundtrack earlier baby.

My glorious chariot of destiny has been forcing me willingly to go out. I would say that without it I would only be going out half as much. Lately I have been focusing on being more dominant while keeping things playful. I can’t count the number of girls i have thrown over my shoulder in the past week.

The more that see this the more that want me to do it to them. On saturday night I got approached by two beauties. They opened me saying… you look like so much fun I want to be with you. I tell them both I am a shy guy and kiss each of them on the cheek. They love it. Apparently these ladies have seen me around for several weeks but never been approached by me. To bad I missed that but it all works out.

We fluff. They ask me to describe my ideal woman. In generic fashion I sound like ben stein when doing this out of humours boredom. I like hot bitches. Stupid humour. I honestly am in love with brunettes with tight asses and stomachs and small tits. This describes these ladies to a T. The other one however is blond hair blue eyes and a tight little package. Not what I say is my dream but what I love to dip into like strawberries in a chocolate fondue. I have grabbed both their asses numerous times by this point and they do the same.
My nonverbal communication is telling them I love hot asses. We go for a run around the block and I compare their asses. The brunettes is sensational, a bit more full and round but both are impressive.
Picture Time! They take a few of me with each of them. Then I say I want a picture of two hotties kissing. So I wave down two hotties walking down the street. I ask them ask plainly as if I was saying Hey whats up? They comply but not for the camera. Now my ladies are a little jealous and get me to film them kissing.
Numbers were exchanged at some point, but this was too solid to let be. The night was young and I knew that I was in. This was part of my problem. I get a text from her half an hour after we split. A to which i respond ” we can both smile bigger then that later” and she says she can’t wait. We make plans to meet up in an hour. In the meantime, more ladies.

A few more makeouts, a few more numbers. These are getting useless to me now. I used to be sooo pumped to makeout with a girl downtown. Now its like who cares.
Funny thing happened with a kiss though. I am standing there talking to a 2set and a girl from earlier in the night comes grabs me, tongue down through tasting the energy bar I just swallowed then leaves. The hottie in 2 set asks “is that your gf?” Haha Nope, I just met her tonight. ” do you just kiss random girls?” Yes. Continue with fluff. She asks for my number. Shit test passed? I would say so.

So the chick I had been texting from earlier finds me outside the bar upon closing. I am taking her home, I decided on this long ago. I haven’t had a same night pull in a while. Always day2, which is good I think, I find a better connection means more time at bat. I don’t know why, I couldn’t get her to come. I was going full dominant, pick her up, throw her in cart and start heading to my car. She would jump out and go back to friends. So I tried, hey afterparty my place, lets go. Still nothing. The brunette was having a bad night and my blonde didn’t want to leave her.

I parted ways with my ladies and went on to find new ladies. The blond sent me a text immediately after seperating saying “tomorrow night baby, you and me”
Hello, I find 2 cuties and a friend. We talk, they guess my age, i guess theirs. By my numbers their average was 16 but in reality it was 23. Same shit as the other night. Take off your shorts, I wanna see your cock, shirt off. A few more times and I will have this a segway to destroying those naughty boxes. I am getting better and handling this.

I pass the blond when I have the ride of three horny ladies. Then I see her after I drop them off.
HB: you are such a skank
Z:I prefer the term, lover of many women.
HB: did you get my text?
Z: is it important?
HB: not really
Z: i will check it when i get home
I check the text as I get in the car. “PLAYER!”. I have yet to receive a text like this before. I honestly didn’t know how to respond. So I didn’t. By the time I get home I received one more from her. “You are sexy as fuck, I want you.” Then ” why won’t you answer”. I don’t text and drive so i throw her one back ” i love playing naked twister”, then I go to sleep. In the morning I get one asking to hang out.

Now I have begun to realize how much more I learn out of not getting what I want. If I had got the girl last night when I thought I would I definitely would not have learned anything. Instead I went through some shit tests, and I will close her when I see her next. I find that losing will ultimately lead to more winning.

How have you responded to being called a skank, or player? When I figure out how to get pics off my cell I will post a pic.

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