I will hold you up like a bowling ball

School is back on again. I am now officially in my final year of Universityif all goes to plan. With that said it is also that time when all the new students come to school and get aquainted. As always I am a frosh leader. I love helping people out and you  meet a ton of people. Right up my alley. Although I have sworn to DFF ( don’t fuck frosh) so I am keeping things tame ish and just pumpin up the sexual tension.

I got a ton of days to write about so I will just be writing some highlights.


My bro was in visiting from cowtown for the weekend  so I spent a ton of time with him learning how his brain works. He can be stubborn but he is also so into his life of cars that he can struggle to keep a conversation going. Anyway we went go karting to satisfy that before “frosh activities” started. Upon our arrival I sent him off alone and said “go meet girls”, I figured trial by fire would be good for him. While I sent him to do that during the dinner, I sat at 5 or 6 tables meeting the entire table being briefly sexual and then peacing.

Its raining hardcore and thats where the next activity is. So some 200 students went outside to play this game. Cue hottie from the radio station. Really cute and a great smile, nothing special to scream look at me  but the smile is what I like most. The bat swings both ways in that case. “hey whats up?”, we talk for 20 minutes maybe longer who knows. After about 5 or 10 min, I have been offering value to her, she offers some back. Now this is when I know I have kinda hit a great direction. This girl has met easily thousands of guys this summer and blows them all away. She tells me this, and I respond to her unreactively as though she just said its raining and i already knew that. I get dragged away for some duties and she says I will catch ya later.

This is irrelevant to my interactions but it put me in the spotlight for everyone. We had a hypnotist come for the little ones. I talked to him before and he sensed my confidence so he said he would pick on me during the show. So about halfway through the show he pops up a jerry springer scenario for the people hypnotised. They are all their because of a mutual hatred of “the guy in the red hat and shirt named zee”. So going through the line I get “he slept with my sister and mom, he is a skank, he is a slut, he only dates girls til he fucks them, he has got every std, small penis, etc.” those kinda of things. Now only about 4 or 5 people in the auditorium of 500 knew about my going ons lately. Which include me being called a skank and just getting my test back as being clean. So I fell out of my chair laughing as all this was going on.

On Monday night we had the opportunity of an awesome speaker/comedian. He talks about relationships and how guys need to be confident and trusting. And ladies need to open the fuck up. Daniel Packard spent close to 2 hours with us and I was in stiches the entire time. From knowing more about girls then most the ones in there to teaching them how to give a great bj to telling us he was gonna hold a girl up like a bowling ball right before he nails her to the wall.

I got more to write but for the time being I am heading to class. As for tonight I will be looking to check off another thing on my list of fantasies, maybe even 2 or 3 tonight.

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