Be Alpha Mofo

I have been very busy lately and my frequent reports are becoming weekly updates. The good new is I am still learning things.

Last week I exchanged numbers with a cutie that had a bf all last year that she was super into. Well turns out not anymore. She lives not far from me… not quite close enough that we could see each other from balconies but enough that we can laugh about it on the phone.  A late night rendevous entails. I go to her place… she has cats. Cats don’t work to well with me as i discovered as I got allergic reaction to them and had to call night short cuz it bugged me so much. We chill one more time in the week… alot of sex talk but i took no action. Bad Zee get your fuckin ass in gear. Be alpha … take control.

Wednesday I catch up with HBazn. Time for her to cook me dinner. I made dinner for day2 and couldn’t seal the deal so here was my second chance. She cooks real chinese food… none of this ginger beef and deep fried chicken shit. This was a supreme beef concoction along with many other courses… very very good. After dinner we watch jeopardy then head to her bedroom. This is where I learned something that hindered me the first time. I just moved into a new place and i don’t have blinds up yet. Well the second we walk into her room… she closes the blinds and says much better. Ahh soo simple.  Still though… no closing. I am making steady progression. I think this had to do with her roommate this time. Excuses really I need to push more. Build more sexual tension.

Thursday I meet some girls at the gym and convince them how much they would benefit from paying me to get them in amazing shape… hard to beat already fantastic but amazing should suffice.  In the evening I stop by campus bar to check out the happenings. A fun band and a bit of pool and I take off to go pull my chariot of destiny. I have never had a cougar and I had an upfront offer from a woman on her 40th bday. But I have standards, I mean i gotta wanna fuck you bad if thats what i am gonna do. She didn’t do it for me so i politely blew her away. More of the pick girl up carry her on shoulder and put her in the rickshaw. I did a good deed for the day to… helping a brother out. I ran into a buddy who was having a bit of a challenge pulling a girl. So I gave them a ride to help with the “socially lubricated time of fun in the pool” and by pool i mean bed and by fun i mean sex.

Friday I went out and pulled cart… I forced myself to go out. I was so tired but knew i needed to go out. A redbull helped me start the night. After a few hours of random shit I meet up with HBnurse to go out and party with her. Upon my arrival to the bar I have no idea where she is… i text my location and go to work on the new girls. A few token sets keep things flowing like gummy bears at a 6 year olds birthday party. I am lose and meet Hbnurses friends. I kiss her on the cheek and HBnurse gets jealous its all good though. They are out to dance… I can’t dance but i pretend to and it always works as long as i have fun. I get on dance floor and some guy grabs her and starts dancing. She gives me the haha look how hot i am look. No prob I grab her friend and dance. After 10 or 15 min I am tired of dancing and her friend disappears. During the entire time i was dancing we exchanged fuck me eye and just built more sexual tension. Drunk guy is grindin on her… I walk up pick her up swing her and then tell her I need a drink. So she buys me one and we go to find her friends. A few times throughout the night I hinted towards her coming back. She was with 2 friends and responsible for driving them home. So not tonight. I still pushed but eventually gave up.

I need to start closing more again… those reports are more fun to write.  A few things I have come across that i am working on are:

– I am an open guy… but there is being too open. I tell a few of my buddies a few of the stories, I want to stop that… I feel like its searching for value and is not the direction i want to go.

– Take control… tell don’t ask. Basically I stopped asking to do things and I upfront tell them.Similarly if I have a girl at my place there is no rhyme or reason that I can’t close.

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