Bachelor Party Weekend

I have started classes about 3 weeks ago and my outings have decreased greatly and my time alone in front of a book or computer are at an all time high. I managed to spend some time on Friday at the pub.

I went  to the campus bar where I used to work. My friends and I are known by all the staff and a large portion of the patrons. Tons of social proof, but honestly this doesn’t really matter to me anymore I just like having fun and things happen. I run into the 2 girls from the previous saturday that i spent time making out with. Turns out they are great friends, and wearing lots of green. The theme for the night was Stop light (green means single). I joined in on the celebrations wearing green pants, yellow shirt and red hat. The hat wasn’t planned but I like the Calgary Flames (represent). These girls got bikini tops on and ones tits are huge and falling out. I tell her that and she proceeds to pull it down so I could see it. A buddy of mine has expressed interest in her so I have been backing off. I sit down and talk with her though… sobering her up for my buddy. I have no pockets so i stuff my phone in her breast and tell her to keep it close to her heart. Well stupid me… she loses it. I go on my way and search for it. I later find out a different buddy of mine who is falling over drunk has it so its all good.

Chilling at 1 after the pub closes I headed downtown with HBchristian from like 4 months back. I just wanna have a bit of fun before crashing. After walking into the bar I hear … SUPERMAN! is that you? And turns out its one of my radio girls. I meet her friend then go and dance for a bit. After getting hot and sweaty I am headin on my way out. I stop and say goodbye, during the short convo I find out her BF just broke up with her. I hug and then I head on my way to get Christian. If only I went alone.

Saturday I get up early to head to a city a few hours away for a buddies bachelor party. Its only a short distance from a few hotties i met this summer so i give them a call. After picking up the bachelor we head to our rented cabin and crack the keg. 5 hours of boozing and 2 games of poker later we enter the titty bar. I thought about trying to game a ripper, but i choded. I was pretty drunk but no excuse really. After an hour or two there things are gettin more and more messy we head to another bar. Football game is on… my boys are down (the roughriders) and its the 4th quarter. I can’t drag my eyes away… despite the best looking girls in the bar near me ( not alot to say about them honestly but still opportunity).

I realize my lame actions in my drunken stuppor as we enter the final bar of the night. We are walkin in bells and whistles in our green shirts that say single and sexy… game on. I get my firstfull of beers and walk around. I talk to a ton of people… but notice how much i slur… i tell them its all in good fun and meet more people.  I meet this one chick… all i can see is fantastic boobies and sweet sweet candy ass. MMMM is all i can say to myself. I open and talk. Ugh all these beer are catching up… i grab her hand and drag her somewhere… I don’t know where. I tell her i am peeing and I will get lost in this huge bar without her. She takes me to the bathroom. Bouncer stops me from bringin her in. Haha nice try i guess. I take a glory urination break then grab her on my way out. As the bar closes I am trying to pull her and 3 friends back to our cabin. No go… a keg and a cabin don’t float. Its 30 min away and I am too drunk to push. I fall victim to going to her place… i stuggled (haha right).

This is actually kinda funny when we are here. I was still smashed but remember it pretty good. Me some dude and my girl and another head to her apartment. I go right to bedroom throw her on the bed and makeout. We turn around and the dude and chick are just standing in the doorway like wtf. Well the girls go in the hallway leavin me and dude in the room. We talked, laughed about random shit and how the girls were figuring the dynamics. My girl… lets call her HBbody … i will explain this later. HBbody doesn’t wanna be mean to her bestfriend who is newly single so she gives up the bedroom. Alright cool living room works for me. As i walk into living room i trip and slam onto the floor. Lol there are 2 more people there sleeping. After what seemed to be forever of i don’t know what… we are in her bedroom alone… glory times. Ugh being drunk is hilarious.

So HBbody…. well her breasts were amazing… so firm… almost to good to be true. I have never experience fake ones but my best guess is thats what these were. She had a killer stomach and nice ass. So all and all a killer body. Although I can’t say the same about her face. I learned this when I woke up in the morning. I was pretty dissapointed with myself. Now it wasn’t like throw up ugly face. Now here is how I figure the math works.

Body (10) + face (5) = 15/2 + 2 (for being french) now this is where it gets complicated. For no reason whatsoever you add 6 carry the 2 and multiply by .8. I suck at math and numbers don’t matter… i would still do it again. The entire drive home i took alot of flack from the boys… they never her saw her the night before. But I held my cab meeting them with her in so they could all get a look.

O yeah… did I mention she is french. Haha I love french chicks. Although I don’t really understand what they moan. O well


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