What are you thinking?

So two weeks ago I talked about my thoughts on having a girlfriend. I have been giving it a chance… per say. Its hard… but not in the way that you would expect. Depending on who you are though. What do I find hard?

1. Commiting to only 1 girl — for 8 months I have been dating multiple girls at a time… its nearly impossible for me to only hang out with one girl for purpose of dating or sleeping with.

2.  Figuring shit out — for a while i couldn’t decide which one i wanted… a girl i put in the friend box is seeming all to perfect.

3. Instinct — its still telling me to fuck as many hunnies as i can

So this american girl was one i decided I would give dating a shot with. Well what has happened partially? I have become a little chodish. How so? I fuckin watched a disney movie with her and some friends. My redeeming factor, i pick her up and slam her to the wall into makeout. She keeps on trying to be the one making decisions about shit, a few times i submitted. But I have caught myself and been dominant.

I am challenging myself to see if I can stick to one girl. But I am failing miserably and there is nothing more that I want to do then go out and meet more girls. I have introduced a new girl into my rotation in 2 weeks and I am like a vampire running out of fresh blood. I have no money and am insanely busy with school. No excuse *slap*  I am so torn as to get a girlfriend and make things comfortable or just sleep around with many girlfriend.


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