Further Descent into Madness

For glory upon the battlefield I stand. I had been stuck with the whole oneitis thing on and off from November to February. Well that is gone now and I am diving further in. After figuring things out with my newfoundland princess, I have gotten back into the game. Unfortunately I have also been drinking alot more. As of this past Sunday I am getting back into the saddle full out. This means no booze, no junk food and back to my 5 a week workouts. I have had alot of headaches and been feeling extra tired lately and all the crap I have been putting in my is definetly to blame.

Anyway, a quick wrapup of the past month of events. I have been crazily busy with classes preparing to graduate, but I have been heading out once a week. Ironically enough I have been leaving the city to go party at Acadia. In the three weekends that I have gone, I have ended up with a couple phone numbers (meeting girls from out west, which is nice cause I am moving back in May) and woke up with a girl in my bed the other two times. I have learned that my bike is a little rusty right now, but I can easily get on the trails again.

In the time that my princess and I were tryin to figure shit out, I didn’t get any for a few weeks, well one was free BJ week which she delivered. Since the day I told her that I am not gonna be exclusive with her and that I found a new one lets call her HBplaying. The first time we hung out, she stopped me on the whole I just broke up with my boyfriend of three years last week. I rolled over and went to sleep. The following time we hung out, the day3 I guess we can call it, I went for the gusto. After some token resistance I found to love what she was doing to me. When I want something I revert back about 5000 years, total caveman. I pin her down, throw her, flip her anything that works for me, I try to think as little as I can. Since then we have hung out maybe 2 or 3 other times despite her consistent requests to hang out more. I think this one is a great one to have as a FB. She already knows about my leaving for Calgary in May and has accepted the fact that I am fucking other girls. Thats the little update on ladies.

I am gonna start expanding my blog to more then just the most beautiful gift to men… Women. Since January I have been following the best workouts ever. I have discovered Crossfit. After paying for a month, I have learned the exercises and now doing it on my own. Check it: www.crossfit.com and www.crossfithfx.com These workouts are tits. It is much more practical then just lifting weights as everything is high reps, mid weight, and unplanned rests. Kicks the ass out of any workout I have ever done. This kinda stuff is similar to the 300 workout and such. However, the 300 workout I can eat for a snack. The last time I did it, it took only 14 minutes versus a year ago which was 29 and I threw up. So I will tracking my crazy progress for this crossfit. As well just funny shit that happens ion a regular basis.
Todays workout for me: The Murph

Run 1 Mile

100 pullups

200 Pushups

300 Squats

Run 1 Mile

I will post the time it takes when I am done. I seriously encourage everyone to try this. I will be trying my best to update blog more often now.

I ran a 5:30 mile to start. That kicked my ass for everything else. My final time for the Murph was 47:20. My last mile was brutal at almost 9 minutes. This is a good bench mark to start though.


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