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Vous êtes beau chéri – Haha more frenchies

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After writing that long boring and rather shitty IMO post about the daddysgirl explosion. I have an awesome story that took place during the aftermath of the explosion. It includes a daytime pickup, bodyshots, bestfriends, 3 way makeout and jumping between beds. I don’t wanna give to much away. This was a 2 day pickup as they were only here for 2 days.

They see me rolling, patrolling, tryin to catch me ridin dirtay. I don’t know if thats the lyrics but thats how it would go on as i roll down the street pickin up honeys in my chariot. “Hey, You two are cute lets go!”. Two ladies, hard to tell their faces with those big sunglasses and long brown hair. They both got great bodys, one is taller and has legs and an incredible ass. The other is small, a petite one. Instantly I notice an accent. Hold up, more frenchies. Nah not quite. They are acadian. So they have better english but speak both. So sexy, accent in general are a huge bonus. Its like eating a steak with steak spice. Its not necessary but damn is it ever good. We go for a 10 minute ride, in which they decide they want a private tour, without the chariot of destiny. I tell them we will go on Zee’s Ultiumate Pub Crawl. I lead the two ladies down the street to change and park my cart. We go and grab some food, vibe and take a walk through the public gardens. I let them know I need to learn to use my tongue better ( in reference to study for french lab) for a few hours. I will call them in a few hours.

Time to crawl, beg, you know you wannit. I head to the hotel to meet up with my ladies. Lets call the tall one HBorgasm and the short one HBlilone. The three of us fluff, wrestle and have a few drinks. We are all close, rubbing massaging. I kiss both of em, on multiple occasions. Then head to the bar. Arm and arm I have 2 dames. I like that feeling, i can get used to it. After the two of them sharing some beer with me and my lunch I offer to buy the first round. After vibing for a bit over a pitcher of beer, we go to dance. I am the best dancer in the world. Well I believe I am. This is step 3 in my nonexistent schedule for the night. This step takes place as… girls think sex, they wind and grind up on your pole and think about sex with you. HBorgasm wants to do tequilla shots. Ugh I hate tequilla. Wait a sec these ladies got killer bods. Light bulb!

I have never actually done this before but needed to try. Buy tequilla, get the salt and clear a table.
“Alright ladies bodyshots!” All night we had people watching us. Now there was a circle around myself, HBorgasm and HBlilone. I take Orgasm’s hand and help her onto the table. Lick the beltline, put the salt, fill her belly button and put the lemon in her mouth. I do the same with lilone. Then they each do it with me. Haha bad idea, they have now seen my stomach. Their buying temp is flying through the roof. O and by bad idea I mean they are trying to pull my shirt off in the bar and licking my stomach. Back on dance floor, I makeout with one, turn makeout with other, they makeout, rinse and repeat.

On multiple occasions I had other guys try and walk in. But we kidded and had fun and the dudes had no chance. Actually one guy was sent to the wrong hotel by them. Kinda feel bad for him. O well. Other then my territory being stepped on… i got approached by dudes, at the bar, on the patio and even the fuckin bathroom asking how can they do that. They were watching me all night and wanted the same power.

Back to hotel. Lets check out pictures from the night. Sitting on bed between two hotties… my mind is running. I have the home stretch and on my way to the finish. Hold up… I look over at orgasm and she jumps in the other bed to sleep. Damn son… o well I will take out the lilone. She flips to a picture of using making out on dance floor. Then i kiss her and she drops camera. Its on… or is it. She is putting up heavy resistance…”I can’t with orgasm in the bed over there”,  Z:”irrelevant” anyway i pushed. She was dripping but just wouldn’t, I had to settle for a little sucky sucky. Lilone said she is too loud.  Argh. haha.

When I woke up in the morning, Lilone was still asleep and Orgasm was just waking up. So out of one bed… into the other. Instant makeout, a little fun, which wakes up Lilone. We stop… I need to get to work for 11 and its now 10. I get a ride home and tell them I will call em when I am done. I was working a double so it would be a late night.

A few texts about sex and sexy later… I call them shortly before 11pm. I am showering then meeting them… they have been drinkin most of the day. Before I get there I recieve a text ” oh no… lilone just threw up”. Shit son! Don’t do this to me. Well i meet up with them and we walk back to the hotel. I am basically carrying lilone… she is way to drunk. This is a downer b/c i will not even try on a girl this drunk and she was almost begging for it. Once in the room… out like a supply of cupcakes at an obesity convention.

Well Orgasm and myself head to a Martini bar, after stopping to pin her to the wall for a 10 sec makeout 3 or 4 times we make it there and look at the menu. Interesting… we decide to order a martini for each other. I tell that I love pink pussy. She giggles and thats what she will be drinkin. She ordered me a hot devil or something. More vibe. Then onto the next bar.

We head to a pub. A little hungry we order some fries and a sampler of beers, comparing tastes. I tell her that she has a sweet tongue, makeout. Sexual tension is nuts. We order some shooters. I tell our server that I would like to give HBorgasm and Orgasm tonight (its like peppermint schnapps and baileys and something else not bad). She orders me the same. I tell her I have had better.

On way home we walk through a dance club. We walk past the line and in… I have barstaff and know the bouncers( bonus). Dancefloor one song, we are so close to fuckin on the dance floor I tell her… Hotel NOW! Before we are even through the door she is into her bra and underwear. Wow! she had a nice body with clothes on. But dayamn you could haha imagine. Make out and gettin her squirming with uncontrollable sensation she started to get noisy. Now remember Lilone is passed out in the bed beside us. Orgasm stops. (haha that sounds funny). “we can’t Lilone will hear”. I think to myself not this again. I didn’t listen and slid my hand down. Before I knew it… Rise of the Machine. She knew what was next. After a pleasureable amount of time a pillow couldn’t keep her quite and Lilone half woke up. Only enough to mutter something and roll over. With that excitement going on things got more wild. At one point her leg hit me in the nose and my nose started to bleed. Don’t ask about the dynamics of that one but indeed it is hilarious.

After 2 awesome nights, I indeed come close to my elusive threesome but couldn’t quite seal the deal. Sitting there at breakfast the next morning, I thought wow I love my life right now as the both sat opposite stroking my thigh up my shorts.


Flip the charts and throw some of your own LMR out

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I recieved a few texts from HBscarlett on Saturday. She looks almost identical to scarlett johanson. I say almost though because she has a bit more of a bootie but a little more of a stomach. Still a yes to say the least.

Anyway this chicka I met a few weeks ago and has been my best customer. But Sunday would be the first day2 with her. The first time I spend time alone with her and not on the streets. Although “I kissed a girl and I liked it she tastes of cherry chapstick” is very true with her. Myself and a buddy got her and her friend to kiss for us.

We arranged to meet after I was done my meeting and paying my pimp in the evening. I got her to meet me downtown and I had nothing planned. A few of the boys invited me for beer and wings so I invited my precious and her friend to join. The 5 of us vibed then after myself and the 2 ladies returned to their place before heading to a whipped cream bikini party. While chillin at her place I made myself comfortable by sprawling on the couch and talking about sex. I don’t care about anything so most my stories are wide open if they are asked. HBscarlett had her hand up my shorts with her friend chattin to us while sittin up the other couch.

I convinced her friend to go chill with another dude. Leaving me and HBscarlett to continue escalation. After dropping friend off we were only a few blocks from my place. As I pulled up my drive I told HBscarlett that she is coming to my place. Her only resistance was that she didn’t wanna look “slutty” coming into my place with my roommates seeing her come in. Simply put they were in bed so i just took her hand walked in straight to my room. She tried to sit on my desk chair but to much shit was on it (unintentionally of course) so she made my bed and sat on it. While fluffing earlier we talked about movies. And how I love Tarantino and Scorsese movies. She looks through those and picks The Untouchables. Hmm… the first clue you are about to get it on. Out of 40 + dvds she choses a manly mafia movie.

30 seconds into the movie. I pounce, caveman stylez. She says what took ya so long. Haha go figure. After 3 minutes she is dripping, after 4 minutes she is begging. After 5 minutes I am pushing her off me, saying maybe we shouldn’t. This is something new I thought I would try. I mean you know you are getting it wet either way so trying flipping the tables. I said things like, we just met, the stuff we hear once and a while. Well within 7 minutes we were both lying in bed naked. I am not great at presenting LMR but hey I held off for 5 minutes.

I was soo tired that I literally rolled over and went to sleep. Every 2 or 3 hours she would wake me up to go again and again and again. A few of the times I would ignore and continue my sleep. I had a long week last week most nights only getting 2-5 hours. I had trouble getting her to leave in the morning. But after telling her my days schedule she took the hint.

After dropping her off I called up HBkoolaid to hang out and fired texts off to a few others. I am really enjoying having abundance. And now that I have gotten my head in check and ego straightened things are running smoothly again.

Get your head in Gear

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Wow I have really fallen behind on my posts since HBcowtown arrived. Originally I thought it would be a cool thing but it turns out to be a bit of a pain. I will give ya  a little detail on her. I have been friends with her since back in the day of jr high. Haha actually she was probably one of the first cold approach pickups i ever had. Long before I discovered what it was to actually meet a girl. Anyway we have been friends since. We both had huge long term relationships of death and helped each other through it. She is a naive little blond, that has strong christian influenced values. Great girl and funny but I have never really felt her.
Since HBcowtown has arrived we have been out every night. I think in the last 14 days I have had one night off. A nice little stint.
She knows of about 25% of my exploits, alot of them are to much for her in my opinion. She also knows that I am a bit of a ladies man, although she doesn’t agree she accepts and humours it. I truly trust this girl and thats why thus far she has met three of my sensational lovers. I am gonna break this into two posts, but this one is more of an update and the next will be a bit of a note taking session.
The Do Me (wednesday night)

Wednesday I worked the day shift and then came home to beer and bbq at my place. My roomie for next year brought her best friend over to chill. Wow she was cuter then I remembered. “hey whats up?” after 5 min I isolated her onto my patio for a long chat about the sun and the surf. We all get drunk. Then a friend fires us a ride downtown.  Enter bar at midnight. Noone is there but the 6 of us… hammered. I thought to myself in the car ride there “Man i am f**kin hammered right now, I need to stop drinking so I can talk to ladies.” So I stop drinking. Thats a bad mindset, i think, I shouldn’t have my level of drunkeness affect my desires. It should be instinct see girl, talk to girl, fuck her phone number. Haha I am eliminating my phone number gathering.

Anyway as bar picked up I became lame, no chance I would sober up before the end of the night so I became in a shitty mood. It showed too, my FANTASMIC smile of eternal sunshine didn’t mean shit all if I wasn’t really having fun.

I ran into HBkoolaid and her friends at the bar… and it enlightened me but nothing great. Things are still bomb with her… we are going our for soy ice cream soon. Hahaha.


I decided to pull my chariot on Friday night for a bit of a change. I ran into a number of ladies. Haha actually one I had hooked up with a few weeks ago from a different bar and forgot about. Woops, I didn’t realize the was already one I had played with until I went through the pictures on my phone the next day. Great times none the less.

Straightup and myself met up with a few girlies he has been playin for a little while. They are cute but honestly not my type, but I figured lend a hand when you can or well in this case a body. We took them on a romantic waterfront tour in which we had them making out. I also took the motorboat for a spin with each of them.

This was the first time I have blatantly motorboated a few ladies. It was very comical. After reading Jeffy’s Newsletter this morning I realized it was all because of congruence. Simply put it was part of my frame so it worked great. Hell I got texts from each of them later saying come motorboat me again later.


I hit the golden sands of the beach with 2 buddies, HBcowtown and Daddysgirl. The girls hit off nicely. HBcowtown knows not to talk about her sharing my bed or the other things. It was very good for me to have those two distracted so I could meet some new friends along the beach. A few minor encounters but nothing of significance.

I pulled cart again last night but only for a few hours. Before doing so I had to pick up HBcowtown and a buddy from HBdaddysgirls place where a party was going on. It was supposed to be a small gathering but it ended up getting out of control later, but I will get back to that.

Lately my demeanor towards new woman has been off. I think I am demonstrating to high value, almost a bit of an ego. This I gotta work on. This abundance thing has gotten a bit to my head and I need a kick in the ass to get back in line. I am still getting a few numbers a night but like Ozzie says you can’t fuck a number.

Back to daddysgirl. I get a call at 2:30 am that I miss because I am busy chatting up my precious. Crying and call me right away shenanigans. I knew the party was getting outta hand when I left her place the first time but hell she is a big girl and could deal with it. Apperently a bunch of drunk 19yr olds were being stupid and instead of 15 people there was more like 75 and the house was a mess. Daddysgirls rents were out of town and she was looking after the house with her brother. A few of the lil’uns were insulting her and it really hurt her feelings. Ahh crazy ladies. When I wrote my “notes” I will talk more about how I feel about this and my thoughts on the situation.

LR: This honestly coulda been a cheesy porno

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As per every Saturday night I arrive downtown around midnight to start working the corners. My glorious chariot of destiny has been treating me good lately and I am making some chedda. Myself and a few of he other guys have what some might say specialties, that is groups that we get rides with more often then others. Its truly a function of how we position ourselves. Capt Morgan is about 5 years older then us and he specializes in cougars. He has a PHD in cougar pickup. Straightup has a thing for black chicks and he is working on his masters. They love him and he loves them. Now my market is a little bit different then theirs but I am fairly new and its turning out nicely. I go with the staggettes. To be more specific, the large groups of single hot girls all jealous because their friend is getting married soon. I enjoy them to say the least.

For the large part I am very direct and natural with them. I say stupid shit like OMG you have to do this its like soo fun. Stupid self amusement stuff that makes me smile and them smile. I usually swing a number or two out of each staggette. But I hate getting numbers, its a settlement. You can’t fuck a phone number. I am having trouble isolating a friend when the bride to be needs all the attention. This is largely a function of the dynamics of a staggette.

That was just a bit of mumbo jumbo, which I feel occurs on a daily basis. Now for the actual meat and potatos of Saturday night. After an hour or so of straight pimpin the honeys I get a call from HBapplebottom. I am sure you can get her favourite song by that name. She is a yoga instructor, hot bod, and very funny. I met her a few weeks ago but have yet to find time for her. Funny how abundance has worked that way. The sexual tension built up between us is through the roof. We have kissed a few times but I always pull away the second it gets to hot for public. Some great text conversations have went on as well…

Zee: you teach yoga, I am jealous. However I do like the warrior 2, what about you?

HBapplebottom: Mines that cobra its fun

Zee: Cobra? Never tried it, does it work in the bedroom? (first thing that pops in my head I always try, besides like I said SEXUAL tension)

HBapplebottom: O my we will hafta see.

Flash forward to early Saturday texting with her.

HBapplebottom: are you coming out to see me tonight?

Zee: what are you wearing?

HBapplebottom: a cute little purple dress

Zee: think sexier

HBapplebottom: hehe, its not your favourite but they are white and silky

I had previously told her that pink lace booty shorts are my favourite underwear to see on a sexy tanned body. Woo hoo kinda fluffy stuff until I pick her up. More specifically her and her 2 friends. Also hot probably a 8.5 and a 7.5. But in all honesty its either a yes or a no, ratings are for porno’s. Albeit porno was the direction I was willing to take this.

I have been in killer shape for a while but 3 months ago watching Fight Club I made the decision to have a godly body. One of epic proportions I was gonna have a Tyler Durden body. Through intense physical training and a diet of glorious standards, I have surpassed Brad Pitt and stumbled upon new territory. These girls know this just by looking. Under these clothes is a slab of meat so desireable you just want a taste. And that’s exactly what they did. After some fluff one pulls up my shirt and the other two start at my waistband and lick up to my nipples. Wow this is getting hot and it’s outside the busiest bar on a Saturday night in the city.

Zee: That’s it you three are coming with me.

Applebottom: hehe okay

I almost threw each girl into my chariot of destiny. Not telling them where we were going and none of them asked. I didn’t even think about what I was doing it was all instinct. We pull up to my car for a moment to grab my streetclothes and I grab some other essentials. During my little jaunt through the city with these dames, my shirt comes off and foursome talk starts happening. I am having trouble containing myself but I pull through.

Enter my lair. Its cold, a little damp, dimly lit. This is the storage garage for my chariot. The three of us enter and I shut the garage behind us. Many people see us enter, I don’t care, neither do the girls, two of them are making out by the time the garage closes. Applebottom jumps on me, instant makeout, hand up her dress. Her ass is insane, yoga does wonders. I tell the other two to come towards us, I tell them to kiss me on each cheek. I turn to face each of them and give a soft sexy 5 second kiss. They are all turned on. I am sure as hell turned on, definetly visible. Now all 4 of our faces are inches from each other and tongues come out. Holy blammy batman! There is me and 3 chicks making out. Honestly it was hot but its awkward, I mostly just kissed each of them for a little bit then they would kiss each other and such.

My shorts are down and they each get a bit of a feel. Then one of them says we should stop, not here, we need to go to bar X. Applebottom and I get a sexy makeout picture, one worthy of a CK model shoot. Her sexy purple dress and my unstifling abs standing there only in my underwear. Shit that sucked, nothing really happened. So we bounced over to Bar X.

Applebottom has been askin me to buy her stuff since we met. And I blow it off. But she just had a bday and the makeout was incredible so I would play into this drink she has been a good girl. I get my bottle of water and her vodka redbull. We ditch her friends for the couches. Sit fluff, kino if you will and more makeout. I pull away after 5 minutes. More fluff. Then a dude shows up. Clearly your AFC, hit sits down. She knows him and I introduce myself before she gets a chance.

Zee: Hey dude, I am Zee whats goin on?

AFC: I’m Jim, you must be the chariot of destiny guy. I just came to say Hi to applebottom you two have fun. (he stormed away)

I thought to myself wow that was random and weird. Then Applebottom says to me… UH-OH, (wait for it… wait for it) that’s my boyfriend. BOOM! And the Eiffel tower comes crashing down. She asks me to sit and wait for her while she runs of to a guys practically crying because I was making out with her for the last five minutes. And I was so confident in a lay later that night.

I don’t sit. The only me would have sat there all night waiting. Instead I continue my night. I am a little thrown off though maybe part of me felt bad about hurting this poor guys feelings or something. So I peace to another bar. This night is one of the few I have had where I am 100% by myself. I finally got my VIP card are done up so the line-ups and shit don’t mean anything for me. Enter bar Y. I walk in an HBcheerleader, whom I can’t decide if I want or not is there. She turned 19 (legal age here) last Monday and is hammered. She is in love with me though, won’t let me out of her sight.

HBgoodhead from Canada day is at the bar too, and looking amazing. So I grab her and peace the bar to head home.

A little longwinded of a story but I think it was worth the whole read, I honestly wish I had a camera to capture everything.

Wednesday July 9th: Mixing Business and Pleasure

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Today was another glorious day. After some planning the night before it was to go down like this… gym, beach work, home to chill. And the plan went almost to par. I thought i would eagle the hole though.

After leaving the gym i fired a text to a few of my ladies, figured at least one would come out to join us. My text reads. ” we are going to the rainbow catch you in a turkey” You read turkey and think wtf. Well it was all a bit of self amusement. I have predictive texting and apparently thats what it predicted so i through it out for kicks. It was much enjoyed by me and probably the recipients. Ms applebottom is my only one with a positive I will see you response. Apparently she was going to mall and would meet after. I told her she had a 1 hour limit or i would spank her.

Anyway the beach. Wow this beach was jailbait central. I felt like well aged single malt scotch amongst Colt45. Anyway i found out a few of my precious were like 15 and 16 so i politely bounced back to my boys. I met a few ladies but nothing spectacular, choded a bit thinkin these dudes were with these girls and i can’t approach em. I did have a great chat with some promo ladies.

Walkin down the beach I saw these three cuties and a dude filling things out for contests. Anyway they came to us long after i had forgotten. The two radio station girls were pretty cute but I really chatted the cell phone girl. They eventually asked for a picture of me and my boys. To which i refused and stated the obvious. ” hey be nice, you ladies are cute and would compliment a picture with us nicely”. Anyway alot of fluff went on and we had them talking for 20 minutes. When HBbeautystone asks me what I am up to later. I let her know of a race night at my job and tell them it would be a great little thing for them to do. We exchange numbers and peace.
Now this is the combination of business and pleasure I was talking about. These girls were cute and hot. And they had realized I was a funny guy, an intriguing guy and awesome. How do I ensure that I am not the same to them as every other guy on the beach. Well promo girls don’t exactly hand out there number. So it was a mutually beneficial deal.

After these ladies left our presence my roomie stated something that i thought was pretty interesting and that was: You know if that were a business deal you would have sold the product and done some solid networking. Well isn’t that what meeting girls is. You sell the product… yourself (attitude, confidence, humour, etc.) , You find out what they can offer, you contact the buyer (exchanging and calling) and the product gets taken out for a try.

I am meeting up with these sweeties tomorrow afternoon so we will see how that goes.

Breaking the bubble!

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Well I have finally done it. After months of updates on forums and to my buddies I have decided to create, a diary… i mean blog. I have tried keeping track of my progress and this is definetly the best way.

A little bit of news about me. Shit well I have never had trouble picking up. But in the past 4 months my mind has exploded and my ego a bit too. The swelling has gone down and I have cleared my head. I bartend and work the corners on my glorious chariot of destiny. I go out at least 3 usually more nights a week. The bar scene is great when I am not working but honestly I prefer to be outside the bars and serenading Elton John or Phil Collins to my precious.

Now down to business, my most recent learnings. I got a lot out of this weekend and I love to share it.

Chode Revert

Abundance. I had heard this so many times and used to struggle with this like a 3 legged dog trying to burry his bone in ice. My handle has grasped it tight. And I am not letting go. I am having trouble finding time for girls. Never had I ever thought I would say that. But with all this it had spawned a chode revert for me. I have about 7 or 8 going right now and I am adding and removing my list every week. One has remained constant the whole time.

Daddysgirl, she has been around for a month or so. I just can’t get enough of her. Well kind of, once or twice a week is all I can fit in. She is where my chode revert this past weekend spawned. I will actually give a bit of a shout out to my mom for this too. A conversation with her she called me a manwhore in different words and said that its alright not to play the market. Half of me fell over laughing while the other half was shocked. Daddysgirl and I talked on Friday and she was saying that things were different with us lately. She never said it until I asked about how I hadn’t seen her since Monday. That was it… and we had only talked once in between. I had been busy doing my thing.

Scheduling things around my chariot of destiny and bartending schedule, I had managed to see Karen* on Sunday, Daddysgirl on Monday, Goodhead on Tuesday, a night for myself Wednesday, the beach and Greenshark on Thursday. I felt pretty good, I had postponed a few of my other desires for this coming week. Daddysgirl knows my lifestyle but has seen a fair amount of attention in the previous weeks. Well she wasn’t happy about lack of attention and kind of hinted about how she wasn’t happy and wanted some more commitment from me. Not saying my nuts are locked to her bed but hinting that way.

I needed to make some money to pay my pimp so I worked the corners and she went out to party with her friend. I tell her to give me a call for a romantic ride in the park, she agrees. She doesn’t call and for the first time in 3 months I get worried. I continue running my shit, a scam( I just read J the Rippers report and I am adding scamming to my vocab) with ladies on a few of my rides, a normal night for me, but Daddysgirl is still on my mind. It’s close to time to call it quits and I return to the biggest spectacle of pizza service in the Maratimes, Pizza corner. Sure enough I see her, long sexy legs, gorgeous hair, I remember why I enjoy her soo much. Her and her lady friend are chillin with 4 dudes. I go introduce myself to them and talk to her. She was cold and the dudes were cold. Not being needy I peaced on the situation for 2 cuties and some chedda. I became jealous. I didn’t know what was going on but I could only assume and I wasn’t happy. Wow major chode revert. She knew I wasn’t happy and texted me.

We had a conversation an hour later and I learned how wrong I was. This chick digs me, it was her best friends brothers and they were getting a ride home with them. I had reverted back to infancy for one small moment and I had written chode all over myself. The conversation became lubby dubby and lame, I had surrendered the frame to her and she was now in control.


I knew that I had done something silly. I had put milk in a lactose intolerant kids cereal and the backlash would not be pleasant unless I got him some pepto. I was ready end my communication with her. I kinda have oneitis and my last cure was remove myself. But I thought I would ride this one out see how this situation can play.

Flash forward. Sunday night I am at house party. I return Daddysgirls call and what do you know… I am a jerk now. I ended our conversation so I could get back to the party. I had just been introduced to a case of beer, 8 girls and a drinking game which the girls were feeding me. Cell phone dies. Uh oh… I am now in a “fight” with daddysgirl and not responding to her texts or answering the phone. Now me from Friday would have tried to get ahold of her not to displease her. But I had got my shit together and said things will work out later. And continued to party then hit the bars. I meet up with Greenshark at the bar and definetly rock the dance floor scam.

I get obliterated at the bar. Greenshark is buying me drinks all night. I walk her home and we handfuck the whole way. Handfucking is this brilliant idea we came up with instead of calling it holding hands. She calls me my cab and I get home only to pass out immediately. Wake up rotten as hell but my phone is now charged, time to check the messages.

Every 15 minutes for 2 hours daddysgirl is sending texts that progressively get worse and worse.

DG: I am starting to think we want different things

DG: I guess by no response you agree

DG: I don’t think you and I are ready for a relationship especially after a week of not really communicating or seeing each other and it shouldn’t take jealousy for you to realize what you want

I am going through all these and this is deep stuff. Then I get a good luck to you and a few crying emoticons.

DG: you will get over me fast don’t worry

DG: If this really meant something you would come see me or call at least.

DG: I am more hurt then you

Then a few hours later: Sigh I can’t sleep

It was about 6 or 8 unresponded texts. And a voicemail in the morning saying we need to talk. If this were a guy doing this he would be me 2 days ago. As I am going through all this I get another : I am really sorry can we talk

I am not an asshole by anymeans, I am a nice guy so I call her and she asks me to come over to talk. An hour later I show up to talk. Our conversation consists of her apologizing to me and some closed door things.

Wow this is long and I apologize but to get what I needed across I feel it suffices. This weekend I had reverted to chode, reframed and got back to level ground learning a ton about relationships.

The big things I picked up on:

be confident in what you are saying. Throughout my Friday I wasn’t confident, and I stunk like the firehydrant in front of my house. Today I was confident, while not giving a fuck how things were gonna go with Daddysgirl and it worked out.

Catch yourself before it goes to far. I over reacted and got jealous for nothing. Returning to chode just gave me a headache more then anything.

Jealousy is a bitch, but it how we have been programmed. Me see jane, jane with guy, guy is not me, jane sleep with guy. When that could be the case but probably not. Hell and it doesn’t matter because I am sleeping with other girls.

Abundance is key. I still love having this abundance and its new, but that new car smell will never go away.