Be Alpha Mofo

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I have been very busy lately and my frequent reports are becoming weekly updates. The good new is I am still learning things.

Last week I exchanged numbers with a cutie that had a bf all last year that she was super into. Well turns out not anymore. She lives not far from me… not quite close enough that we could see each other from balconies but enough that we can laugh about it on the phone.  A late night rendevous entails. I go to her place… she has cats. Cats don’t work to well with me as i discovered as I got allergic reaction to them and had to call night short cuz it bugged me so much. We chill one more time in the week… alot of sex talk but i took no action. Bad Zee get your fuckin ass in gear. Be alpha … take control.

Wednesday I catch up with HBazn. Time for her to cook me dinner. I made dinner for day2 and couldn’t seal the deal so here was my second chance. She cooks real chinese food… none of this ginger beef and deep fried chicken shit. This was a supreme beef concoction along with many other courses… very very good. After dinner we watch jeopardy then head to her bedroom. This is where I learned something that hindered me the first time. I just moved into a new place and i don’t have blinds up yet. Well the second we walk into her room… she closes the blinds and says much better. Ahh soo simple.  Still though… no closing. I am making steady progression. I think this had to do with her roommate this time. Excuses really I need to push more. Build more sexual tension.

Thursday I meet some girls at the gym and convince them how much they would benefit from paying me to get them in amazing shape… hard to beat already fantastic but amazing should suffice.  In the evening I stop by campus bar to check out the happenings. A fun band and a bit of pool and I take off to go pull my chariot of destiny. I have never had a cougar and I had an upfront offer from a woman on her 40th bday. But I have standards, I mean i gotta wanna fuck you bad if thats what i am gonna do. She didn’t do it for me so i politely blew her away. More of the pick girl up carry her on shoulder and put her in the rickshaw. I did a good deed for the day to… helping a brother out. I ran into a buddy who was having a bit of a challenge pulling a girl. So I gave them a ride to help with the “socially lubricated time of fun in the pool” and by pool i mean bed and by fun i mean sex.

Friday I went out and pulled cart… I forced myself to go out. I was so tired but knew i needed to go out. A redbull helped me start the night. After a few hours of random shit I meet up with HBnurse to go out and party with her. Upon my arrival to the bar I have no idea where she is… i text my location and go to work on the new girls. A few token sets keep things flowing like gummy bears at a 6 year olds birthday party. I am lose and meet Hbnurses friends. I kiss her on the cheek and HBnurse gets jealous its all good though. They are out to dance… I can’t dance but i pretend to and it always works as long as i have fun. I get on dance floor and some guy grabs her and starts dancing. She gives me the haha look how hot i am look. No prob I grab her friend and dance. After 10 or 15 min I am tired of dancing and her friend disappears. During the entire time i was dancing we exchanged fuck me eye and just built more sexual tension. Drunk guy is grindin on her… I walk up pick her up swing her and then tell her I need a drink. So she buys me one and we go to find her friends. A few times throughout the night I hinted towards her coming back. She was with 2 friends and responsible for driving them home. So not tonight. I still pushed but eventually gave up.

I need to start closing more again… those reports are more fun to write.  A few things I have come across that i am working on are:

– I am an open guy… but there is being too open. I tell a few of my buddies a few of the stories, I want to stop that… I feel like its searching for value and is not the direction i want to go.

– Take control… tell don’t ask. Basically I stopped asking to do things and I upfront tell them.Similarly if I have a girl at my place there is no rhyme or reason that I can’t close.


Its domination

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Frosh week was a blast. I did soo much stupid fun shit and managed to not fuck frosh. I have kinda learned alot about these young 18 year olds in the past week and their maturity of just a hook up is definetly not there.

When I left off I was about to have a outing with my HBaznprincess. I picked her up and brought her back to my place for dinner. Traffic was horrible so it gave us a great opportunity to talk. She is a really cool girl. Upon getting into my place (which is still a disaster from moving) I tell her that she can be my prep cook. After fluff and dinner we sit on couch to makeout. Wow in my experience asian girls have sucked at kissing but she was great. After 20 min of tomfoolery, I pick her up and throw her on my bed to continue things. 10 minutes later we are both breathing heavy. She stops and says I am getting to into this. I have no time left by this point and i need to get going. So I unreactively say cool and get up to continue with my day. She pounces for another makeout but I throw some resistance and then take her home.

I arrive at the school to find my two sexy radio ladies. They are there for promo but we chill away from all that shit and find out that I am “superman”. I number the cuter one of them and get back to my work.

This week has been crazy hectic so my memory sucks. Anyway more fun with everyone on thurs and friday.

On Saturday we had a huge fundraiser. And radio girl does her rounds all day until I show up. We chill for 2 hours while raising money. She explains to me about how younger guys are impossible to date. She is 27 i am 21. Now normally I would get defensive on this shit b/c frankly age is just a number. But I just rolled with things and didn’t acknowledge age at all. This worked.

This night was a buddies bday so i agreed to join in on the celebrations. We head to a party for a bit. This sexy bell is taking all my attention. I am a little buzzed and she is looking stunning. Cue fun time. Bodyshots bitch. HBbell has a bf, I met him last week and he was a bit of a tool. Bragging about job and money he makes etc. Frankly i don’t give a fuck… I am a student. Anyway I tell her to lie down… pull up her shirt lick shoot kiss. Simple really. I get back to my fun.

Down to the bar. Haha things are sketchy in my memory, it was free draft. But the just of what happened was very simple, caveman… makeout…next. I did this 2 or 3 times. By the time i was with the last girl I realized how drunk I really was. I had no keys to my place and couldn’t walk. Haha time to settle down.

My roommate drives me home… i forget what happens and wake up at 6 am hung over still clothed. All and all fun night though.

I will hold you up like a bowling ball

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School is back on again. I am now officially in my final year of Universityif all goes to plan. With that said it is also that time when all the new students come to school and get aquainted. As always I am a frosh leader. I love helping people out and you  meet a ton of people. Right up my alley. Although I have sworn to DFF ( don’t fuck frosh) so I am keeping things tame ish and just pumpin up the sexual tension.

I got a ton of days to write about so I will just be writing some highlights.


My bro was in visiting from cowtown for the weekend  so I spent a ton of time with him learning how his brain works. He can be stubborn but he is also so into his life of cars that he can struggle to keep a conversation going. Anyway we went go karting to satisfy that before “frosh activities” started. Upon our arrival I sent him off alone and said “go meet girls”, I figured trial by fire would be good for him. While I sent him to do that during the dinner, I sat at 5 or 6 tables meeting the entire table being briefly sexual and then peacing.

Its raining hardcore and thats where the next activity is. So some 200 students went outside to play this game. Cue hottie from the radio station. Really cute and a great smile, nothing special to scream look at me  but the smile is what I like most. The bat swings both ways in that case. “hey whats up?”, we talk for 20 minutes maybe longer who knows. After about 5 or 10 min, I have been offering value to her, she offers some back. Now this is when I know I have kinda hit a great direction. This girl has met easily thousands of guys this summer and blows them all away. She tells me this, and I respond to her unreactively as though she just said its raining and i already knew that. I get dragged away for some duties and she says I will catch ya later.

This is irrelevant to my interactions but it put me in the spotlight for everyone. We had a hypnotist come for the little ones. I talked to him before and he sensed my confidence so he said he would pick on me during the show. So about halfway through the show he pops up a jerry springer scenario for the people hypnotised. They are all their because of a mutual hatred of “the guy in the red hat and shirt named zee”. So going through the line I get “he slept with my sister and mom, he is a skank, he is a slut, he only dates girls til he fucks them, he has got every std, small penis, etc.” those kinda of things. Now only about 4 or 5 people in the auditorium of 500 knew about my going ons lately. Which include me being called a skank and just getting my test back as being clean. So I fell out of my chair laughing as all this was going on.

On Monday night we had the opportunity of an awesome speaker/comedian. He talks about relationships and how guys need to be confident and trusting. And ladies need to open the fuck up. Daniel Packard spent close to 2 hours with us and I was in stiches the entire time. From knowing more about girls then most the ones in there to teaching them how to give a great bj to telling us he was gonna hold a girl up like a bowling ball right before he nails her to the wall.

I got more to write but for the time being I am heading to class. As for tonight I will be looking to check off another thing on my list of fantasies, maybe even 2 or 3 tonight.

Learn more when you don’t get laid

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This summer has truly been a summer of loving so far and its happening so fast. Listening to some greece soundtrack earlier baby.

My glorious chariot of destiny has been forcing me willingly to go out. I would say that without it I would only be going out half as much. Lately I have been focusing on being more dominant while keeping things playful. I can’t count the number of girls i have thrown over my shoulder in the past week.

The more that see this the more that want me to do it to them. On saturday night I got approached by two beauties. They opened me saying… you look like so much fun I want to be with you. I tell them both I am a shy guy and kiss each of them on the cheek. They love it. Apparently these ladies have seen me around for several weeks but never been approached by me. To bad I missed that but it all works out.

We fluff. They ask me to describe my ideal woman. In generic fashion I sound like ben stein when doing this out of humours boredom. I like hot bitches. Stupid humour. I honestly am in love with brunettes with tight asses and stomachs and small tits. This describes these ladies to a T. The other one however is blond hair blue eyes and a tight little package. Not what I say is my dream but what I love to dip into like strawberries in a chocolate fondue. I have grabbed both their asses numerous times by this point and they do the same.
My nonverbal communication is telling them I love hot asses. We go for a run around the block and I compare their asses. The brunettes is sensational, a bit more full and round but both are impressive.
Picture Time! They take a few of me with each of them. Then I say I want a picture of two hotties kissing. So I wave down two hotties walking down the street. I ask them ask plainly as if I was saying Hey whats up? They comply but not for the camera. Now my ladies are a little jealous and get me to film them kissing.
Numbers were exchanged at some point, but this was too solid to let be. The night was young and I knew that I was in. This was part of my problem. I get a text from her half an hour after we split. A to which i respond ” we can both smile bigger then that later” and she says she can’t wait. We make plans to meet up in an hour. In the meantime, more ladies.

A few more makeouts, a few more numbers. These are getting useless to me now. I used to be sooo pumped to makeout with a girl downtown. Now its like who cares.
Funny thing happened with a kiss though. I am standing there talking to a 2set and a girl from earlier in the night comes grabs me, tongue down through tasting the energy bar I just swallowed then leaves. The hottie in 2 set asks “is that your gf?” Haha Nope, I just met her tonight. ” do you just kiss random girls?” Yes. Continue with fluff. She asks for my number. Shit test passed? I would say so.

So the chick I had been texting from earlier finds me outside the bar upon closing. I am taking her home, I decided on this long ago. I haven’t had a same night pull in a while. Always day2, which is good I think, I find a better connection means more time at bat. I don’t know why, I couldn’t get her to come. I was going full dominant, pick her up, throw her in cart and start heading to my car. She would jump out and go back to friends. So I tried, hey afterparty my place, lets go. Still nothing. The brunette was having a bad night and my blonde didn’t want to leave her.

I parted ways with my ladies and went on to find new ladies. The blond sent me a text immediately after seperating saying “tomorrow night baby, you and me”
Hello, I find 2 cuties and a friend. We talk, they guess my age, i guess theirs. By my numbers their average was 16 but in reality it was 23. Same shit as the other night. Take off your shorts, I wanna see your cock, shirt off. A few more times and I will have this a segway to destroying those naughty boxes. I am getting better and handling this.

I pass the blond when I have the ride of three horny ladies. Then I see her after I drop them off.
HB: you are such a skank
Z:I prefer the term, lover of many women.
HB: did you get my text?
Z: is it important?
HB: not really
Z: i will check it when i get home
I check the text as I get in the car. “PLAYER!”. I have yet to receive a text like this before. I honestly didn’t know how to respond. So I didn’t. By the time I get home I received one more from her. “You are sexy as fuck, I want you.” Then ” why won’t you answer”. I don’t text and drive so i throw her one back ” i love playing naked twister”, then I go to sleep. In the morning I get one asking to hang out.

Now I have begun to realize how much more I learn out of not getting what I want. If I had got the girl last night when I thought I would I definitely would not have learned anything. Instead I went through some shit tests, and I will close her when I see her next. I find that losing will ultimately lead to more winning.

How have you responded to being called a skank, or player? When I figure out how to get pics off my cell I will post a pic.

O hot dayamn

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The night is Friday, the air is crisp and the wind is blowing. Tonight is amazing. Je suis tres bien. I make a few rounds and before I know it I have met 20 new friends. A warm up, more is to come.

I roll up on a few of my roomies. They have been drinking for hours. All smashed and sittin with three hotties. The hotties were there first and were struggling to comprehend their sentences. But they managed to get enough to tell my buddies that they want to come for a ride with me. Deal. They are sitting on a patio that is fenced in. 2 are wearing dresses and one is in tight leather holy fucking shit I am wanna plow you now pants. Simple, I dominate. Pick you up, pick you up, leather fucking pants I grab you by your ass.

I have discovered a quick buying temperature test when picking women up. Its like a thermometer. Can she picture you fucking her? When she is horny she will wrap her legs around you. The tighter the squeeze the higher the temp. Of the three leather pants squeezed the tightest.

We go for a private waterfront tour. Jeopardy happens. One says to me. 23. I say what is your age? Haha reverse questioneering. They are all interested. Turns out they know people from my other job, and they work at hooters, rightfully so.

Things are awesome. Now this is where I learn my lessons. I am a sex maniac. My pheromones penetrate the air singing, I wanna fuck you, you already know. Questions become more scandelous. They ask me to take off my shirt. I tease but don’t take it off. They ask to see my ass sculpted by a god. I show a quick peak. One pulls down my shorts. They want the full show. I turn them down.

HB: I wanna see your cock!

Z: not here, its not appropriate

HB2: let me grab you and get a feel

Z; let me grab you and get a feel

Many comments like this were made. And my responses were along those lines. Eventually we headed back to the bar.
So where I messed this up happened in 2 places.

1. They led the conversation, they were asking for things.

2. I think a bit of a show for them would have led to a dip in her harbour.

Brr its cold in here

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O the weather is upon is… the leaves are turning colour and falling… hold up its the middle of august. Well I kid you not leaves are falling and fall appears to be on its way along with colder evenings. Tonight was an off night for me. Yes I could approach, but I couldn’t hook them. I feel as though I didn’t lead a fully dominant frame for a large portion of the night. The bars were not very busy tonight but thats great women are still out.

When pulling my gloriuos chariot of destiny, we have a code, first come first serve. So we work together to get rides for our buddies. Very similar to winging, except in most cases(not all) this results in a ride and more often then you would guess a number, lay or something. As one of the bars was coming to a close 4 of us were chillin. And I start chattin a 4 set which turns into 6 then 7. Being 6 HB and a dude. This dude reaks pickup, from the white shoes, to goofy hair to general attitude. By this point I have helped the 6 ladies into 2 carts leaving him standing on the street taking pictures for them. Now I am no game killer and their were plenty of ladies. So with cameras a blaze I talk with the dude and figure out who he is tryin to game. Simple, I take him and his desired lady on an extended ride, I get more money he gets laid. Well turns out the ladies wanted to get away from him. And before I knew it they were gone. The dude thanked for the help and went to approach more ladies. Good on him, abundance.

Shortly after those shenanigans I found myself standing there alone, innocent but with a sly smile. Sly enough to make 4 beautiful women curious. Slowly yet surely one comes over to chat, she laughs, the 2nd comes they are both giddy and giggling. Now I have 3 of them looped into my frame. Meanwhile the 4th is talking to some evil bloodsucking sharks of doom. They are similar to me in only one way right now, neither of us give a fuck. So in Zee fashion, I tell the three to hold up i am gonna grab their friend. I run across the street slam on a car hood, throw her over my shoulder and run her back to my chariot. Problem though, I can’t put her down, legs are wrapped around me like a ball of string caught in your bike tire. I look her in the eye and quick makeout. No words just actions. I put her down her friends all giggle and we go on our way. A quick little run in which they pay me extra to strip, but I was not really feelin them so never took a number.

After those little detours I bring you to the experience of the night. Obviously I am not a smoker, I run close to 50 km, most of which with 250+ pounds behind me. But these are frequently the women I meet when waiting outside bars. Since there is no smoking inside. I am sittin there chillin talkin to a friend of a friend having a good heart to heart. And these 2 bombshells walk outside. When I say bombshell I don’t just throw that around like yesterdays ham sandwich. These ladies were showstoppers. Both russian, and both blond. They hit on guys surrounding me asking for smokes, get the smoke and fuck off. Well not totally the lesser of the 2 continues talking, evidently hammered. While the taller more beautiful on sits about 5 feet away from me and is all pouty and sad.

I talked about this recently and I avoid being negative as much as I can. The old me would have opened her with “hey hows the night you look sad why don’t we blah blah blah.” I actually can’t count the number of times I used to try and open sets by saying negative things. I like meeting the sad girls, it makes me smile knowing that I made their day that much better. Anyway after being blown out hundreds of times trying that sameold boring negative crap. I keep it straight and simple ” hello my dear how is your night?”

As soon as her negative talk came out I cut it off. I don’t want her to be bummed around me she wants to be smiling and enjoying me. “I like apples”

HBbitch: what

Z: i think we should go salsa…

HBbitch: hehe i don’t know how to salsa (SMILES)

She is smiling, no longer negative. Time to give her some of zee’s favorite candy compliments some sweet tarts with cute messages. How about a little of ” you know you are much cuter when you smile” more smiles, then I will pass on to her a “smiling makes us warm inside”. The second one I thought was lame after I said it but she still enjoyed it. By this point her drunk friend who I hadn’t acknowledged yet had finished her smoke and dragged my darling inside. Oops a bit of a mistake on my part.

Half an hour later, I am chillin outside a different exit to the bar and my two russian princesses come outside. This is where HBbitch name comes from. She is pissed again, not smiling. Guys left right and centre are getting blown out and replying with bitch. Her bitch sheild is up full force, preparing for an attack by the evil galactic empire. Now her friend is acting like what some might deem slutty and bumming smokes. HBbitch sees me, screams its you( we had not exchanged names yet) and jumps and we hug. She sits down, we talk. Bounce a few love taps off each other. When some old english dude comes in. He says something and trys tapping her shoulder, SLAM! Bitch sheild cuts off the mofo. He disappears and sheild drops for me immediately. Early in our conversation she asks me to pull them back to their hotel, its a long ways ( across a bridge and down a ways close to an hour run maybe longer). I turned em down time and time again for it. I had gotten to the point of tired, I didn’t really escalate things to much, but was increasingly gettin more interest.

I tell her I am gonna head home soon, 5 minutes later I tell her its time. After a hug and a bit more fluff, she says bye, waves, grabs her slutty friends hand, hails a cab and is gone. Like that.

Now I was stupid here. The dynamics were all taken care of. Her friend was with 3 guys, it was just me and her. I knew where they were going, I could have driven us all then just stayed in her hotel room. An even lamer guy would have settled for a number. But no nothing out of this but a few lessons. Which is alright in the long run but I know I could have pulled.

Time Stands Still

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Other then the little update that was written almost 2 weeks after the fact, I have been reletively inactive over the past few weeks.

I went to Calgary for 5 days for a suprise brithday gift for my father. While there I attended a wedding but nothing came out of that. Although the average age was close to 50 there. I spent alot of time interacting with everyone making the most fun I could. Getting out never managed to work itself into my schedule.

After 2 weeks of not going out, I went out Wednesday and Friday. Nothing really memorable occured on Wednesday but Friday I hit a bit of a breakthrough.

Barstars, we all know them, we see them out rain or shine. There is a group of about 6 of them I have approached and been blown out at least 3 or 4 times. For whatever reason its fuck off this, umm were not interested that, etc. Of the 6 I usually see 3 or 4 of them out on any given night. Friday there were 4 of them. Ranging from 7.5 to a 9, so they are all attractive, and they all know it. The bitch shield was like a inpenetrable plasma shield of doom, and I had slammed hard into it a few times. I was having a great night smiling ear to ear and I approached and hooked. After a 10 minute conversation with 2 of them, the 4 were convinced to hop into my glorious chariot of destiny for a ride.

I took my time pulling them around, walked the entire way chatting them up, high fives and all. Eventually I got the girlfriend question, age, where you from, etc. All of which I responded as usual, ridiculously. I have 73 girlsfriends, i am 37 and I am from the eastern tip of Antartica. They appreciated the humour in it. One of the girls I had decided was my precious asked to borrow my phone to make a call. Hugs and kisses for all when I drop them off.

Friday felt as though I never took any time away from going out. I had spent about half an hour with another 3 set whom invited me to their place for an afterparty. Unfortunately I needed to be at work in 3 hours and was insanely tired so I made myself settle for a number.
At the end of the week I have gotten 5 or 6 solid numbers and a number of flaky ones. Which is about average for me. But one number i got that i didn’t plan on was the barstars number. In borrowing my phone she called her phone and added her number. And we are gonna chill later this week. So I plowed and did not get intimidated by these girls and finally ended with some success.