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Its domination

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Frosh week was a blast. I did soo much stupid fun shit and managed to not fuck frosh. I have kinda learned alot about these young 18 year olds in the past week and their maturity of just a hook up is definetly not there.

When I left off I was about to have a outing with my HBaznprincess. I picked her up and brought her back to my place for dinner. Traffic was horrible so it gave us a great opportunity to talk. She is a really cool girl. Upon getting into my place (which is still a disaster from moving) I tell her that she can be my prep cook. After fluff and dinner we sit on couch to makeout. Wow in my experience asian girls have sucked at kissing but she was great. After 20 min of tomfoolery, I pick her up and throw her on my bed to continue things. 10 minutes later we are both breathing heavy. She stops and says I am getting to into this. I have no time left by this point and i need to get going. So I unreactively say cool and get up to continue with my day. She pounces for another makeout but I throw some resistance and then take her home.

I arrive at the school to find my two sexy radio ladies. They are there for promo but we chill away from all that shit and find out that I am “superman”. I number the cuter one of them and get back to my work.

This week has been crazy hectic so my memory sucks. Anyway more fun with everyone on thurs and friday.

On Saturday we had a huge fundraiser. And radio girl does her rounds all day until I show up. We chill for 2 hours while raising money. She explains to me about how younger guys are impossible to date. She is 27 i am 21. Now normally I would get defensive on this shit b/c frankly age is just a number. But I just rolled with things and didn’t acknowledge age at all. This worked.

This night was a buddies bday so i agreed to join in on the celebrations. We head to a party for a bit. This sexy bell is taking all my attention. I am a little buzzed and she is looking stunning. Cue fun time. Bodyshots bitch. HBbell has a bf, I met him last week and he was a bit of a tool. Bragging about job and money he makes etc. Frankly i don’t give a fuck… I am a student. Anyway I tell her to lie down… pull up her shirt lick shoot kiss. Simple really. I get back to my fun.

Down to the bar. Haha things are sketchy in my memory, it was free draft. But the just of what happened was very simple, caveman… makeout…next. I did this 2 or 3 times. By the time i was with the last girl I realized how drunk I really was. I had no keys to my place and couldn’t walk. Haha time to settle down.

My roommate drives me home… i forget what happens and wake up at 6 am hung over still clothed. All and all fun night though.


Vous êtes beau chéri – Haha more frenchies

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After writing that long boring and rather shitty IMO post about the daddysgirl explosion. I have an awesome story that took place during the aftermath of the explosion. It includes a daytime pickup, bodyshots, bestfriends, 3 way makeout and jumping between beds. I don’t wanna give to much away. This was a 2 day pickup as they were only here for 2 days.

They see me rolling, patrolling, tryin to catch me ridin dirtay. I don’t know if thats the lyrics but thats how it would go on as i roll down the street pickin up honeys in my chariot. “Hey, You two are cute lets go!”. Two ladies, hard to tell their faces with those big sunglasses and long brown hair. They both got great bodys, one is taller and has legs and an incredible ass. The other is small, a petite one. Instantly I notice an accent. Hold up, more frenchies. Nah not quite. They are acadian. So they have better english but speak both. So sexy, accent in general are a huge bonus. Its like eating a steak with steak spice. Its not necessary but damn is it ever good. We go for a 10 minute ride, in which they decide they want a private tour, without the chariot of destiny. I tell them we will go on Zee’s Ultiumate Pub Crawl. I lead the two ladies down the street to change and park my cart. We go and grab some food, vibe and take a walk through the public gardens. I let them know I need to learn to use my tongue better ( in reference to study for french lab) for a few hours. I will call them in a few hours.

Time to crawl, beg, you know you wannit. I head to the hotel to meet up with my ladies. Lets call the tall one HBorgasm and the short one HBlilone. The three of us fluff, wrestle and have a few drinks. We are all close, rubbing massaging. I kiss both of em, on multiple occasions. Then head to the bar. Arm and arm I have 2 dames. I like that feeling, i can get used to it. After the two of them sharing some beer with me and my lunch I offer to buy the first round. After vibing for a bit over a pitcher of beer, we go to dance. I am the best dancer in the world. Well I believe I am. This is step 3 in my nonexistent schedule for the night. This step takes place as… girls think sex, they wind and grind up on your pole and think about sex with you. HBorgasm wants to do tequilla shots. Ugh I hate tequilla. Wait a sec these ladies got killer bods. Light bulb!

I have never actually done this before but needed to try. Buy tequilla, get the salt and clear a table.
“Alright ladies bodyshots!” All night we had people watching us. Now there was a circle around myself, HBorgasm and HBlilone. I take Orgasm’s hand and help her onto the table. Lick the beltline, put the salt, fill her belly button and put the lemon in her mouth. I do the same with lilone. Then they each do it with me. Haha bad idea, they have now seen my stomach. Their buying temp is flying through the roof. O and by bad idea I mean they are trying to pull my shirt off in the bar and licking my stomach. Back on dance floor, I makeout with one, turn makeout with other, they makeout, rinse and repeat.

On multiple occasions I had other guys try and walk in. But we kidded and had fun and the dudes had no chance. Actually one guy was sent to the wrong hotel by them. Kinda feel bad for him. O well. Other then my territory being stepped on… i got approached by dudes, at the bar, on the patio and even the fuckin bathroom asking how can they do that. They were watching me all night and wanted the same power.

Back to hotel. Lets check out pictures from the night. Sitting on bed between two hotties… my mind is running. I have the home stretch and on my way to the finish. Hold up… I look over at orgasm and she jumps in the other bed to sleep. Damn son… o well I will take out the lilone. She flips to a picture of using making out on dance floor. Then i kiss her and she drops camera. Its on… or is it. She is putting up heavy resistance…”I can’t with orgasm in the bed over there”,  Z:”irrelevant” anyway i pushed. She was dripping but just wouldn’t, I had to settle for a little sucky sucky. Lilone said she is too loud.  Argh. haha.

When I woke up in the morning, Lilone was still asleep and Orgasm was just waking up. So out of one bed… into the other. Instant makeout, a little fun, which wakes up Lilone. We stop… I need to get to work for 11 and its now 10. I get a ride home and tell them I will call em when I am done. I was working a double so it would be a late night.

A few texts about sex and sexy later… I call them shortly before 11pm. I am showering then meeting them… they have been drinkin most of the day. Before I get there I recieve a text ” oh no… lilone just threw up”. Shit son! Don’t do this to me. Well i meet up with them and we walk back to the hotel. I am basically carrying lilone… she is way to drunk. This is a downer b/c i will not even try on a girl this drunk and she was almost begging for it. Once in the room… out like a supply of cupcakes at an obesity convention.

Well Orgasm and myself head to a Martini bar, after stopping to pin her to the wall for a 10 sec makeout 3 or 4 times we make it there and look at the menu. Interesting… we decide to order a martini for each other. I tell that I love pink pussy. She giggles and thats what she will be drinkin. She ordered me a hot devil or something. More vibe. Then onto the next bar.

We head to a pub. A little hungry we order some fries and a sampler of beers, comparing tastes. I tell her that she has a sweet tongue, makeout. Sexual tension is nuts. We order some shooters. I tell our server that I would like to give HBorgasm and Orgasm tonight (its like peppermint schnapps and baileys and something else not bad). She orders me the same. I tell her I have had better.

On way home we walk through a dance club. We walk past the line and in… I have barstaff and know the bouncers( bonus). Dancefloor one song, we are so close to fuckin on the dance floor I tell her… Hotel NOW! Before we are even through the door she is into her bra and underwear. Wow! she had a nice body with clothes on. But dayamn you could haha imagine. Make out and gettin her squirming with uncontrollable sensation she started to get noisy. Now remember Lilone is passed out in the bed beside us. Orgasm stops. (haha that sounds funny). “we can’t Lilone will hear”. I think to myself not this again. I didn’t listen and slid my hand down. Before I knew it… Rise of the Machine. She knew what was next. After a pleasureable amount of time a pillow couldn’t keep her quite and Lilone half woke up. Only enough to mutter something and roll over. With that excitement going on things got more wild. At one point her leg hit me in the nose and my nose started to bleed. Don’t ask about the dynamics of that one but indeed it is hilarious.

After 2 awesome nights, I indeed come close to my elusive threesome but couldn’t quite seal the deal. Sitting there at breakfast the next morning, I thought wow I love my life right now as the both sat opposite stroking my thigh up my shorts.