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Making an Agenda

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on September 24, 2008 by zeenatural

So at the start of this semester I decided to get serious about writing shit in my agenda. Honestly its so much easier to keep track of clients, meetings, classes and assignment. And after missing a date with one girl because I forgot to write it down I started penning in HBblond time. This had kind of demonstrated the importance of keeping your shit together.

Before I start describing whats new I will give some brief details of a txt I recieved from daddysgirl. I have basically ignored her now… but she keeps fighting for attention even after telling her a million times… I am not boyfriend material and that I am not looking for emotional attachment yet.

3am Sunday

Txt from Daddysgirl: I miss you!

O yeah it was a picture text here is the pic.

I definetly picked out that bra. Damn she had a tight body.

On tuesday I met up with HBazn for some dinner and dessert on Tuesday… or so I thought. My day was packed tight with shit to do. And without a doubt 2 minutes after I take the last bite of my tuna casserole I made i get a call explaining how I need to be at a meeting in 20 minutes and i am 25 minutes away. So I had to jump away from her. This is okay though… i kissed her real hot and heavy petted a bit then disappeared leaving her wanting more.

Upon my arrival to my meeting I hit a bit of a culture shock. Something I totally forgot about my program and my university. There were 50+ women and me. Then I checked again and had been with 5 of them. Haha jumping through the ranks.

I have got to teach a fitness bootcamp in the morning, so I am gonna get planning that out and then head to residence to call upon a bed to share.