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Thought of the Day: Girlfriends

Posted in october, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on October 7, 2008 by zeenatural

I have really been digging the power rock ballads… journey, air supply, boston… you got it. So here is some beats:

I have taken some time off from seroius/ long term relationships. Loving the life where every night is an adventure. Things are awesome, no complaints thats for sure. I ended my last one the past November, under circumstances of her lying to me and just not loving her anymore. Yes I said love, fuckin balls nailed to the wall love. Since that period I have come into my shell, I am myself now and couldn’t enjoy anything more then being the man.

I have gained epic amounts of life experience over the year. From initial interaction to lights off, I have improved drastically. It feels great.
All that said, I am considering getting involved in an exclusive relationship. I have done my best to avoid even going that direction. Whether it be ending things with girls when they start asking for it, or just establishing a fuck buddy relationship. This is going to be a new challenge for me. Since  April I have been seeing no less then 3 girls at a time and at peak I had 8 going. My time is always budgeted around my priorities which are presently:

School: I am graduating this coming spring, a bachelor of science in human dietetics. Big stuff for me, I am applying for an internship. Internship is competitive and frankly I need to pull my marks up.

Gym: Along with my interest in nutrition, the gym is big part of my life. I workout 8 hours per week and also train and teach bootcamps.

Friends: A fun life is one where you just chill with your buddies, whether it be a night on the town or a few beers and the Vikings on the tube.

These have been my priorities and they will be for the next while. Recently I wrote about the importance of keeping a dayplanner. Between gym, school and friends the majority of my time is taken up. At best I have 5 or 6 consistent hours available for dating and 2 or 3 for gaming. I love the game and I love women.

I am now ready to take a break from the active dating and no strings attached sex life. Give myself a shot at having a girlfriend. When I first started having these thoughts, immediately i thought don’t chode out. But this will be a worthy experience. I have the mentality that, I am an amazing guy, I am as good as they get. Now I don’t say that as a cocky thing but moreso to instill confidence in myself. I don’t go around saying this to people it is just a mindset.

Now as for making the decision on a girl i would like to become exclusive with… I have narrowed it down to three, but an open for auditions. My abundance mentality has fucked with me a bit. I am lacking attachment with women. I can build the relationship but when push comes to shove, I just go out to the bar/mall/park etc. and draw a number.

Hands down I will continue going out. I am still in search of a threesome amongst many other things on my list. I am still meeting new people and the like.  More crazy stories will instill until I commit to a girlfriend.